Sunday, June 19, 2011

My room ate my running gear!

I went on a run Friday night, and although it was nice to get out and do a little over 4 miles- it was hard because I was sans my Nathan Hydration belt , my ipod shuffle (used my phone instead), and my spi belt. I was in a time crunch to beat the darkness falling, so I was unable to look for the above said items. 

Needless to say I was desperately thirsty, sweating profusely (keep a bandana in my spi belt), and annoyed because I don't have a play list on my phone for workout songs, which translates to having too many UNmotivating songs  during my run. 

Woke up today and told myself I would go for a run so my 'lazy sunday' didn't feel so lazy. I decided to devote a little time to trying to find any of these items and after 30 minutes failed majorly...

Why you may ask??

Because I just LOVE to move every 2 months and I'm in the process of moving in a week and my room is a disaster zone 
I slightly made my bed just for the photo haha

I'm disgusted with how I don't know where so many things are, and how there is zero organization to my mess- who knows what else may potentially be 'missing' until I need it. I put the photos up so that I would be motivated to make headway on it for my day off monday. 

As for the run- still sucked it up, waterless, sweat ragless, and using my phone on my arm for music. It got so hot today that I had to stop at 1.5 mile mark to walk for a few minutes so my sweating could calm down. In the end I decided it was best just to turn around a make it slightly over a 3 mile run. 

I can't use weather as an excuse to NOT run- I live in Tennessee- it gets hot and humid here. I need to adapt better so when I do travel for races, I have an advantage.

How do ya'll deal with heat when running?!?!

Do you go indoors? Wake up early? (running at night is still just as hot so that doesn't work here)  


  1. Last year we did quite a few runs on Sunday afternoons in the horrible heat. What do I do now? 99% of my running is on the treadmill. My long runs are half marathons... :D

    I'm not the person to ask.

    (I don't move every 2 months and my bedroom is a way bigger wreck than that. The rest of my house is pretty clean, but all my crap ends up there and I never seem to have time to get to it)

  2. I'm an early early morning runner in the summer or I wait until really just before the sun goes down!

    I HATE moving!!! Good luck!

  3. I'm having a really hard time adjusting this summer, and I think it's because we went from 60s to 90s and it just won't quit. I've been running in the early AM but the humidity/dew point it so high it's just awful. Nighttime is only slightly better. Plus I hate that I have to slow down so much in the heat. I feel like I'm taking a major step backwards lately.

  4. i’ve been doing the treadmill or running in the morning. it is MUCH better to run in the morning. a good 20 degrees cooler. it sucks getting up but i kinda like not having to to run at night.