Thursday, June 30, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Day 2 of p90x was plyometrics- although my quads  and hamstrings hate me today, I would do that workout any day over chest and back. I finally got my book back from a friend who was borrowing it, and after looking over the schedules, I think I may do the Lean option vs. the classic. Anyone with p90x experience have thoughts on the difference between the 2?

2. I'm debating on running this on 4th of July since I will be in town.... will be my very FIRST 10k Race
I'm kind of nervous because I don't know how to 'race' this distance, despite all the half marathons I've completed. Back in November my Turkey Trot 5 miler race was MISERABLE due to not pacing properly and going out too fast. Is there a proper way to even race a 10k??

3. Today we're celebrating 4th of July at work since many people will not be in tomorrow (I am not one of those people) Each team had to dress up in either Red, White, or Blue. Of course I'm on the team that gets to wear white.... 

Some people didn't follow directions... ahem B
Her excuse was she had a white under shirt on... where is your spirit?!?!

Anyone have any exciting 4th of July plans? Any races??


  1. I would say go for the 10k! I try to keep my half marathon pace and then kick it up after a few miles.

    I'm running a 5k with my daughter down the street from excited!

  2. 10K is the second most terrible distance for me. I still have not been able to run a 10K as fast as a half marathon, although I also have only done one 10K in the last year. DO IT!! Agree with Fancy Nancy, start at HM pace and kick it up the last few miles.

    P90X is so insane. I did the lean but haven't done crap in over a month. I've gained weight and am lazy :(