Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October In Review

October was quite a busy month with races. I learned a valuable lesson about myself this month when it comes to running--- it really is mental. I had some major break through times during both training runs and my legs of the Las Vegas Relay. This tells me that in order for me to get better it doesn't matter how much I put my body through.... I first have to BELIEVE IN ME. I know that it's a tall order to expect to be the runner I once was, averaging 6:30-7:30 miles, but it doesn't mean that I can get 1 or 2 of those in, and push my body beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Although running is important, I think that what I gained most from October was long, long awaited closure. For those who remember a post from about 3 weeks ago (I deleted it) I have my answer and am finally able to move on, strangely it feels good.

Now on to the stats:

Miles Ran: 96! If I would have known I was that close to 100 I would have ran 4 miles. My training didn't change too much, but running 3 half marathons + 1 Ragnar Relay does increase the mileage. Proof that I need to where I stand before the month nears an end so this doesn't happen again.

Miles for November- I'm now comfortable with finally entering the 100 miles a month which was my original intention for 2011- Since I have no 1/2 mary(s) planned that means I'm really going to have to buckle down and plan my runs out- no more 'fly by the seat of my pants run when I want to' 

Cross Training: I'm so bad at this.... painfully bad. I had no aim at what I was shooting for with this, just wanted to see what came natural. I did 1 ' Shoulder and arms' workout from p90x and 1 day  at the gym doing elliptical + weights- sad I know. 

November- Now that its pitch black when I get off work, I'll be going to the gym more- I think its realistic to say 1 day a week is devoted to non- running workouts 

Highest Mileage Week: 36. 10 miles during week + 2  half marys in the weekend. 

November-  I'm going to aim to have 1 30 week- which means I'll have to do a LONG run on weekend or make myself run more during the week. 

Races planned/completed: 4/4. Rock N Roll San Jose 1/2

I learned that west coast runners are WAY friendlier than I anticipated 

 ING Hartford 1/2

First time I stayed to watch the marathon and decided that I too will run one. 

Amica Insurance RI 1/2   

The most scenic course to date. Aside from hips being tight, gave me confidence in my ability to do more back to back half marathon weekends 

 Las Vegas Ragnar Relay

People LOVE the 90s and shiny objects! Re-discovered times I haven't ran since high school- even had a 6:45 mile! 

 November Races: As of right now just 2. This weekend with be my 2nd time running the TN Ragnar Relay- last year's report HERE

 and the other race for the 2nd time around is the 5 miler Turkey Trot back home in Dayton. 

Last year's report HERE- goal is to beat last year's time which means all sub 8 miles or banking some seconds in the beginning. 

Current Book(s)Hunger Games: so many of you have raved about it, I figured it was good to read while flying- took awhile for me to get into it, but it's finally flowing. 

Current Obsessions:  Trying to plan part of my 2012 racing schedule- seriously its driving me crazy because a lot of the states I need aren't available!   

Current Drink: Water. Every morning I rotate between my Island coconut or Pumpkin Spice keurig cups- love coffee 

Current Song (s):  Chill- Wye Oak "civilian" (sidebar: thought it was the guy pictured that sang it and I couldn't help think "wow he's a looker"- umm no Wye Oak is a girl haha, hard to tell with this particular song, but others it does sound like a girl) 

 Workout- LMFAO- "Sexy and I know it"  In all honesty it does have a good beat, and now that I've seen the video, I can't help but laugh while I'm running. (don't watch with kids around)  "wiggle wiggle wiggle" hehe 

Current Weight:  So I'm not a freak about my weight because I'm tall and it evens out, BUT because I run I do have to make sure it doesn't creep up because regardless of height, it's still XYZ lbs my joints have to endure. The average American gains 5-7lbs between Thanksgiving - Jan 1. Lisa generally gains a little under. It's a sad day to admit this, but I got measured several times and apparently I'm 5'11, not 5'10- bah! Currently at 158 and goal  is to be 155 by Thanksgiving, so if I do go crazy and gain 5, it still keeps me at 160. My weight is more or less affected greater by diet vs. working out- SO i'm going to follow my rule of no sweets after 3pm- does wonders :) 
Have you thought about what you will do to avoid the holiday weight gain?

Current Wish- List: Someone would do my 2012 race schedule for me and fund my flights- wishful thinking I know, but it can't happen unless you put it out there.  

Current Dislike: I realized this past weekend that I've been so busy, my social life is slacking. All my friends went to a Halloween party this past weekend and didn't invite me because they thought I was out of town! So I need to do better at reaching out when I'm available so I don't miss out.  

Current Goal: Set a 5 mile PR on Thanksgiving, Nail down my first few months of racing for the year; to consistently aim for having runs under 8:30 so that next 1/2 marathon I can PR (current PR is 8:32 average) 
Current Excitement:
  First up would be this weekend for another fun-filled Ragnar adventure. Then I'm anxious to be go home for a FULL week for Thanksgiving- catching up with family and friends. Good homemade cooking + 1 week away from work is always a plus. 

How was your October?!?


  1. Love Wye Oak! LOVE!

    I read the Hunger Games series....WARNING: The series becomes addictive!

    Get Up & Go

  2. Good luck at Ragnar!

    No sweets after 3pm? Sounds like a great plan. I'm going to borrow it.

    What a great month you had...I think October may be my favorite racing month. Great weather, great times, great friends.

  3. Awesome post- you're so organized and have awesome goals. I am obsessed with the music video for Sexy and I Know It. hahaha

  4. october was such a great month for you! awesome friend! so proud of you. and i really liked what you said about BELIEVING in yourself. when i first started running I was so awesome about that...somewhere in the mix i lost some of it and the past 2 weeks since vegas ragnar have been great reminders that the mental aspect of running goes a long way! good luck this weekend and here is to another great month!

  5. You and I are cut from the same cloth I think! We race, race and race some more! Like every weekend! Plus, we have lots of the same goals and worries.

    OH, and LMFAO, Sexy and I Know IT! MY husband sang that song in the car about 3 times to make me laugh so I wouldn't cry about my sore legs! It worked! I would giggle every time he would say "I work out!" because my husband def does not WORK OUT! HAHAHAHA!

  6. great month for you! the pumpkin spice k-cups are my fav too! so much cheaper than starbucks :) i’m currently working on my calendar. hope to have it out tonight. lots to work out in my head!

  7. I'm having a hard time coming up with my race calendar too!

    Your speedy Ragnar running is amazing; I know that instilled confidence in you. Congrats!

  8. What a great month for you! I don't usually put on "holiday weight" but this year I have a feeling I might - lots of baking to enjoy!

  9. you definitely had an amazingly fun looking month with all those races and traveling.. i think the ones from the past month were some of the prettiest you've posted. and i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who struggled with cross training last month.. it's my biggest obstacle lately.

  10. Ahh the Holiday weight. It starts earlier for me because Thanksgiving is in October!! I have never tried the no treats after 3 approach! If you say it works, then I'm all for it! You got me wanting to write down my goals for November!

  11. Agh! I love your blog! I have no idea how I stumbled across it, but I am currently (slowly) trying to run a half/full race in all 50 states. Loved reading all your recaps- I am running the NOLA full marathon next March and I'm super pumped.

  12. What a fun month! I envy the races you're running. Next year will be my year :)

    I'm currently in week 3 of round 3 of the 90-day P90X challenge. It is the only way I get cross training in consistently. Good luck in Ragnar. Any updates on the CO Ragnar next year?

    Weight gain during the holidays? P90X and then P90X2 as soon as it ships. Along with running. That should work :)

  13. Okay - I have to ask .... what did you expect West coast runners to be like? :-) I think we're awesome. I'm completely biased.