Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April in Rewind

Thanks Daily Mile for re-iterating that April was a BAD month... actually for pointing out that over the last year, I haven't had a single month over 100 miles... wow

So a large part of why April was significantly less mileage, despite having 2 races, was my energy levels were ZAPPED. It wasn't until last week that I finally got some answers and found out I had a virus. I got predisone from the doctor and magically just yesterday I FINALLY feel normal again.
So lets recap:

Total Mileage: I had said no goal for April, so already I wasn't setting my expectations very high- month rounded out with 64 whopping miles ran-- wah wah
May- I have 56 miles of strictly races coming up this month, SO i'm going to go for big and say 120 miles... I should say 100, but that would mean just slightly over 40 miles worth of training runs, surely I can do better.

Highest Mileage week: Original goal ws 40, actual was 19... wow sad I know, especially because that was the first week in April before I really started to feel lethargic
May- 40ish. Ultra will be around 30, so we'll see if I can get 10 in before I leave for that

Half Marathons Planned/ Completed: 1/2: Originally I just had registered for the Platte River 1/2 in Colorado. Loved meeting up with all the ladies. Race itself was bleh. I learned a lot about how I suck as a pacer when attempting (and failing) to help Kara reach a specific time--- for the future if anyone asks me to pace them I will make sure to not only get their A,B, & C goals, but I will really drive home that I will be pacing the first few miles so we don't go out too fast and then i'll get a feel for how they are feeling from that point.

    Kara and I after race                          Kim, Becka, Laura and myself post race

The unplanned  half marathon I registered for last minute was the Country Music 1/2 mary. Again I had zero expectations for this race due to hills, high heat, and the fact that I would be doing a double mary the following weekend. There was so much "things to be aware of" for this race, so I decided to do a different kind of recap HERE to help educate why this is probably not a good choice if you are racing the states

Half Fanatic Photo and After the race

Upcoming Races in May: This weekend I have a double header scheduled with Kim. Saturday is Lake Lowell half in Nampa, Idaho (state #27) and Sunday is Portland Cinco de Mayo in Portland, Oregon (state #28). May 18-19 I'll be doing the Race to the Beach ULTRA relay (my first ultra relay) --- team name "Animal Print Pants Outta Control"- expect more posts about this over next few weeks!

New to You Cross Training Challenge: unfortunately b/n resting and doing my normal cross training, bootcamp, I just didn't accomplish it this month. Kim I'm sorry!!! Now to be creative for May.

Current Book- Finished "The Host" and looking for new reading material for this weekend, STAT. My facebook newsfeed has been blowing up about 50 shades of grey, so I may look into that. Otherwise I have "The Power of Purpose" by Richard J. Leider and "Blue Zones" by Dan Buettner- both of which I'm encouraged to read for work, we shall see.

Current Excitements / Obessions:
- Double header with Kim this weekend
- upcoming ulta
- Eugene Oregon Marathon- I've found HUGE inspiration from both Sarah OUaL's recap HERE, as well as Sweaty Emily's HERE  they both had a great experience racing and really digging deep to completely DEMOLISH their previous PRs

Current Song(s)
All are more chill / get ready in the morning music : Justin Townes Earle- "Look the other way"  Imagine Dragons -"It's time", then 2 songs I heard on commercials Ed Sheeran- "Give me Love" & Alex Clare "Too Close"

Current Goal: does not dying doing an ultra that I don't feel prepared for count?!? It should because that has been on my mind alot. Otherwise I would say to run in the 1:40s again for a half... despite doing them back to back ;)

Current Treat: Add the following into a small rammekin take 1 full graham cracker and mush it into finely ground crumbs as base. Add spoonful of nutella + spoonful of peanut butter. Top w/ shaved almonds and mini marshmallows. Microwave until marshmallows quadruple in size and look like they are about to explode. Stir together. Your mouth will thank you :)

Current Wish List: Buckling down and securing a "no love handles" body so I can be prepared to run in a sports bra!

Current Dislikes: (s): how undisciplined and unmotivated I was in April, I cannot let that transfer into May!

April was a wash in terms of training, but I did get 2 races under my belt and was able to spend some time with my virtual running friends, so all was not lost.

I'm looking forward to a BIG and BUSY May before entering  into my slow(er) season!!

What about you- was April good / bad / just as expected?!?!


  1. 1:40s for both halfs!!! Girl, you are so ambitious. That will give you plenty of time to grab and snack and take pictures of me finishing.

    Can't wait for this weekend. You will bounce back. May and October are the best months for races.

  2. I thought your month looked good:) May plans look awesome especially your back to back races! You will definitely get back into the 1:40's. I did an ab workout with a trainer last week that will zap my handles for sure. I am still feeling it after 4 days. Yikes!

  3. The Host is such a good book! They are supposedly making it into a movie that comes out sometime this year.

  4. ah Prednisone...I am on it now..scary pills...I take the minimum..it makes me go crazy...and also makes me stay up all night!

    I dont know that book The Host...will look it up.
    I am finishing the Night Circus. it is good

  5. I am SO looking forward to May. Here's to an awesome month, my friend!! :)

  6. You are gonna kill it in May!

    And I'm jealous that you are heading out to Portland this month... I don't get to go back until the end of June.

    Oh, and you should totally do Ragnar Del Sol with me in february... I'm trying to get an Ultra team together!! :D

  7. 56 miles of racing ALONE??? WhOAAAA. Good luck this weekend! Enjoy Oregon!

  8. So many details in one post! My April was lacking in motivation. I think part of the problem was finishing P90X2 and after 90 days it became a habit and I didn't realize how much of my motivation was the challenge itself. Guess I need a new challenge to keep my butt cross training consistently. On the plus side, in April I ran 2 more half marys, started working with a running coach and have added speedwork that I'm loving!

    Looking forward to a more motivated May!!

  9. LOVE IMAGINE DRAGONS! That song is amazing!

    That's so exciting you're doing Reach the Beach! My coworker is running it too and I really want to do it sometime, especially since I live in Boston!

  10. oh cave and read the 50 shades trash. its totally worth it :):) and you can definitely get those miles in in May. perhaps you should have a treat planned for yourself once you hit your 120 goal. april was pretty awesome. Big Sur round 2 complete!

  11. Hey I just saw this but thank you for the shout out! And omg that nutella smore thing - dear god I'm rushing home to make one right now.