Thursday, May 17, 2012

Three things thursday (ultra!)

It's here, It's here!!! I'm finally leaving for my first ULTRA relay. Some may laugh at me because I did zero prep running wise to train for this (outside of just what comes normal)  ya, its how I roll. Despite that, I'm a much stronger runner due to all the different cross training / strength training via bootcamp, as well as getting my mentality in check- although I do still have some dips here and there. So with that being said- I know it will be hard, but I'll survive and be able to walk when all is said and done. As far as times go, no idea what that last run will look like, but I embrace this new challenge and look forward to using what I learn toward my next ultra in July with some amazing bloggers :)

So traditional 3 things thursday in celebration of my ultra....

You can meet my ultra team HERE
If you're looking to pick up some sweet dance moves, look no further

1. Carb loading. 2 glorious words that sometimes add to the perk of "I run so I can _____" 2 days before race day is always my BIG carb load day and then a little bit day before. Last  night, I went all out ....

All 8 breadsticks + 1/2 the pizza, demolished. Despite being a nutritionist, I do indulge every so often. Its taken me awhile to find a good balance between what I "think I deserve" bc I run, and what my body actually should get. I'm just a few lbs shy now of my goal *running weight, so obviously its working.
*At 5'11 I weigh 153. This is perfectly acceptable as a healthy weight for my height, however, its still weight that I have to carry around and bears on my joints, thus I'm trying to get to 150. It's an extremely slow process since its less than what my weight should be at my height, but I'm going about it the right way so fingers crossed I'll get there shortly. 

2. I leave later today to head to Massachusetts, conveniently this came in the mail yesterday. Perfect timing. Generally when we all meet up for relays we stay up late drinking and making decorations and goofing off... guess my party is starting a little earlier than anticipated.

I'm told you're only allowed to use 2 at a time... thats okay 2 there, 2 back :) Blood Mary(s) + finishing up 50 shades of Freedom (I've been saving it for the plane ride) = perfect flight! 

3. We still haven't really chosen legs. Part of the reason is because everyone on my team (minus myself) is a bad ass and they don't need to mentally prepare themselves and will just run whatever. The other reason is there were a lot of conflictions on the website on what the listed distances are vs. what the elevations maps are saying. I think we have it figured out and I've narrowed my options down to either runner 3 or 5- which would you prefer?

Runner 3 (combo of 2 legs = 1  ultra leg)
1st leg - 7.63 easy + 6.71 hard = 14.32
2nd leg - 3.3 easy + 4.15 easy = 7.48
3rd leg - 4.55 med +6.65 easy = 11.2
total mileage 33.

Runner 5
1st leg - 6.36 hard + 3.68 med =10.04
2nd leg- 6.51 hard + 2.75 easy = 9.26
3rd leg - 6.88 med + 6.47 easy = 13.35
Total mileage - 32.65

Major difference is if I want my longest leg to be my first, or my last leg.
Suggestions / thoughts/ previous experiences are welcome :) 

I'll be MIA from blog land till Monday. For all those racing this weekend, I know there are a few joining in on the Inaugural RnR Portland, I'll be sending good luck vibes your way. 

Kim, just want you to know, I made a check list this trip. You'd be proud!!


  1. ahhhhh!!!! soooo awesome! i cant wait to hear about it. i can barely wait for our NWP ultra!!!

    i usually like to have my relay legs get shorter as i go...or at least try for that...because i know im tired at the end so i think for me id have to pick runner 3! GOOD LUCK!

  2. Yeah!!! Soo exciting!! I would prefer leg 3, I rather get done with the long run first and not have to worry about it while running leg 1 or 2.

  3. sooo fun!! i think i would choose leg 3. i’m the idiot who told the NUUN peeps to put me wherever. ha! this should be entertaining. hope you enjoy the 3rd book! and that pizza looks surprisingly good. :)

  4. I cannot wait to hear how it goes!! I just signed up for an ultra relay in 5 weeks - it's a 16 hour track run, and I'll be running it relay style with a buddy. PLEASE pass along any tips/tricks/cautions that you may learn.. and GOOD LUCK!!!!

  5. So excited for you! That's a lot of miles:) Good luck and have fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. HOORAY!!! I am SO SO SO excited for your Ultra and I can't wait to read all about it!!! :)

  7. good luck! I hope you have a wonderful time!!

  8. You are going to rock that ultra! And I think you are a bad ass. I have no experience with ultra relays but I would pick runner 5, just cause haha.

    Have fun!

  9. We could have gotten take out LC and Crazy Bread when you were here? I love Crazy Bread, but I would need my own bag too.

    Alcohol and C.G. sound like a great way to spend a flight. Sadly, I've finished all 3 books and am lost without him.

    I pick Runner 3.

    What is it, 28 states later and you finally made a checklist? I am so proud of you! Good luck this weekend, can't wait to hear all about it.

    Have you mastered the Harvard baseball team's moves yet? Up, up, cross, down, hehe.

  10. Hmm, long at the beginning or the end? I'd probably go with 5, but I've never done a relay so I have no advice. Have a blast!

  11. I can't wait to hear all about it and helpful tips too! Have fun Lisa!

    Getting so excited about Seattle!