Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reach the Beach Ultra Relay (2nd / night run)

Night Run- aka "I'm going to smoke your cocky butt run..."
6.6 hard, 2.8 easy- 9.4 total 7:55 pace
How I ADORE night runs. There is something about the peace and quiet mixed with the colder air so its easier to breathe that just REALLY agrees with my body. Looking back I don't remember exact time I started my run- 1, 2, 3??? The time just runs together since you're always in a continual rotation. For sake of math we'll say around 1am.

At this point we've been cooped up in the van for 12+ hours. I got ZERO sleep so far, and EVERYONE'S stomach is doing a little dance. The most frustrating part was when your brain / stomach / butt are NOT on the same page. If you're reading this and are grossed out- get over it, obviously you must not run much.

I wasn't feeling so hot, so when Scott had 3 miles left in his 14 mile run we told him we were going straight to the exchange so I could shake my nerves and utilize the restroom (boy did I ever) There is something to be said about feeling 'lighter' before a run... its like a renewed sense of energy, which is exactly what I was feeling.

Going in to the run I was confident I wouldn't have any 'issues', I redid my music set up to be more comfortable, AND I switched out my stupid vest for Jodi's sweet V string-- for those that run relays--- i HIGHLY recommend this because it doesn't ride up and its fitted so no bagginess getting in the way

Get the baton from Scott and take off telling myself to keep a steady pace. For the first mile its pitch black and I'm EXTREMELY thankful that I happen to have an awesomely bright headlamp. For my first relay ever I had a dimmer headlamp and fell countless times. 

I'll be honest, my goal was to just see if I could keep a consisten 8 min/mile pace, however due to it being dark, I didn't look at my watch until the actual mile hit. 7:39- whoopsie

One thing about my van of awesome teammates is we stop a LOT to cheer on each and every runner- thats half the fun right?!?! During Scott's run at one point I gave him some water and he commented how the downhills were really messing with his digestive system and he couldn't wait to be done. I knew he would be taking care of business after he gave me the baton, so I figured I'd have a solid 2-3 miles before  I saw my van.

Right before mile 3 they were there with water and I told them to give me gu around mile 5ish so I could keep up my speed. Next 2  miles clocked in  7:38, 7:56.

Finally into the 4th mile I started seeing more blinking lights ahead aka tail lights on runners- my absolute FAVORITE sight to see in a night run! Forget the fact that I'm not even halfway through my run yet, I want to go into 'racking up my kills mode' *spoiler alert* I did.

Passing people at night is different for me than passing someone during the day, mainly because at night its eerily quiet and I don't want to be running right behind someone huffing and puffing, and conversely I don't want someone doing that to me- thus its all about timing. I'm not into 'passing someone' during into night runs, i'm into 'smoking them' (why half ass it?!?!)

Somewhere in the first part of my run there were 3 blinking lights in a row- first 2 were obviously people that our team just happen to catch up to, and the one in the front was someone who was keeping a descent pace, but still smoke worthy. I calculated my move and decided because he was a guy (they tend to not like it too much when a female passes them) that I would go faster than I'd like by him to get some distance, then slow down afterword.

Approach CM (cocky man) from behind, run next to him and say with a smile "Good Job!" and attempted to keep running by him. He speeds up a little bit and looks at me in disgust saying "oh ya?!?!" as in (oh ya you think you are passing me?!?!) and for whatever reason, CM really struck a nerve so I put a BIG smile on my face and said "ya!" and took off (literally) to show him ' don't mess with me cm'

Shortly after Katy was waiting for me on the road with gu and water and I told her what happened and asked how far he was behind me because I didn't want him to think I was worried by looking back, she said he was toast--- sucker! I told her I was good and if she could just go to first exchange for water I'd be fine after that.

Miles 4, 5, 6- 7:43, 7:54, 7:50.

That stunt was enough to carry me to exchanged, no sign of my team, but I got to say 'ultra!' again and there was a lot of hoot and hollering... I don't think I would ever get tired of that feeling knowing that people think 'wow, she's a badass'- honestly 9.4 total miles isn't a lot, but to someone else it is, and it makes me happy that my mindset has transformed to where I can think 'no big deal'

After the exchange there seems to be more kills to be had, and I speed up against my better judgement but then lack of sleep is starting to set in. "Where the hell is my team" and "Did Katy misunderstand me and think I meant I'll see you at the last exchange" kept plaguing my head. Surely they can't think that I would be fine to just have my last 5 miles be water / gatorade free??

I finally see my team, get my water, and start wishing that if we weren't ultra I'd be done by now. I knew since this was a shorter leg 2.8 miles, there was a HIGH chance I was going to get HAWKED by people that only had to do that short distance---- sure enough it happened twice. First time wasn't a big deal bc the guy came and went, but the 2nd time.... man this guy had to be 6'8 or something near there and was the noisiest breather and foot planter I have ever come across. Since I had zero mojo left to go faster, I was really hoping he would just get it over with and pass me, which took him over 1/4 mile to do, but he finally did- good riddance.

I tried to kick in as best as I could, but I felt like I left it all out there. My body felt GREAT, breathing was on track,  the only thing that was bothersome was just digestion / little low on energy. Surprisingly for running 19.4 miles, I felt pretty good!

Miles 7- 9.4. 7:57, 8:06, 8:27, 8:03

After the run I was pretty wiped and went into the backseat to lay down. I'm the most sensitive sleeper and Craig was not handling the hills and terrain very well, so sad to say I got again ZERO sleep after my 2nd run- awesome. So far so good for first two runs, and now whats left is my longest run- 13.3 miles- in the afternoon Woo.

coming up next...
worst run of my entire life (mentally)... EVER (and I've had some bad runs) 


  1. Wow, great second leg. I forgot what a light sleeper you are...relay down time must be miserable for you.

  2. Super fast second leg! I love that you not only passed the cocky man but left him way behind as you continued to speed up.

  3. I have never run at night but this makes me want to give it a try. Way to rock your legs!

  4. I love that you blew past that guy!!!! Way to go!!! This is making me tired however just reading it!! You are most certainly badass!!

  5. So awesome you passed that guy! I love it;) Way to go. Can't wait to hear more!

  6. Totally love that you passed CM! Guys really do hate it when you pass them.
    You totally rocked that run even if minimal sleep!

  7. awesome 2nd leg! can’t believe that guy had such an attitude. glad you smoked by him :) can’t wait to hear about the next.