Monday, May 14, 2012

Ultra Relay in T-Minus 4 days

I leave for Boston Thursday evening so I can take part in my first ever relay running it ultra style- Race The Beach- MA

I'm so excited/ nervous, so be prepared for every post this week to be about this relay!

I wish I could say that I've been a good girl and have put in my mileage and I'm ready to dominate, however quite the opposite is true. I feel utterly unprepared. Although I'm faster than the last time I ran with these folk, Las Vegas Ragnar, running an ultra relay is a whole different beast. Last weekend I ran a back to back in Idaho and Portland. Although I had no real goals for either races, I really wanted to test out Portland and see how it would be running on dead legs- the fact that I PRed was definitely a shock, but it did give me the confidence that I needed to be able to pull this off. Now its just a matter of stretching out and getting some sleep to help with recovery which will determine how my legs, and ultimately this weekend goes.

Meet my team- "Animal Print Pants Outta Control!"
The boys: will be my 3rd relay with all of them!
Scottie- Hailing from Tampa Florida, Scott is the culprit who introduced me to relays. I've known him since age 13 and he was the first love of my life, so he's  always near and dear to my heart. Everyone on this relay, I know through him.
First relay together- Ragnar TN
Craig- Flying out from Raleigh, NC, Craig is probably the most consistent of the male runners. Due to this we generally always give him the longest legs... he loves us for it. I'm generally known for being forgetful, however Craig takes the cake and makes me look good in those regards!

Kyle- Greensboro, NC and  by far the fastest on our team- generally always sub 7s. We call him the sweaty beast because he's fast and generally always runs shirtless- I assume this weekend will be no exception
Back when we ran Ragnar Vegas- most beautiful scenery!

The girls:
Yours truly- from Nashville, TN. Generally when on relay teams with the guys, I'm by far the slowest of the group, so generally I'm given the shortest distance. Considering all the legs are pretty tough, I'm sure I'll be the wild car.

Jodi- representing the west coast, L.A. Ca Jodi is the life of the party!! I met her first time for Vegas Ragnar and she wore me out. Pace wise, I think her and I are pretty similar. She's got a much greater mileage base than I do, so I'm going to say I'll be slower than herself

Katy- coming in from the windy city, Chicago, IL, she is the only one I haven't met yet. Solid proof that it is not easier to be faster when you're tall. She's a freakin SPEED DEMON and stands barely at 5'0. Although we didn't get to meet up, she ran the Country Music 1/2 a few weeks back. Despite the heat and hills, she still whipped out a 1:39. She's definitely going to be helping bring down the average girl pace.

 Coming up next- choosing my legs (we still don't know) and crazy outfits!


  1. SO exciting! You are going to have a great time:)

  2. Relays look like so much fun! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. HAHAHA, I love this!! Friend, with those times that everyone is running, you guys are gonna sweep this thing like a dirty floor! Holy shit!

  4. How exciting! I've never done a relay- looking forward to hearing your stories!!

  5. so cool you all are flying in from all over to run together! im so excited for you! and pretty jealous as well:)

  6. Good Luck Lisa! You'll be visiting my neck of the US. It's supposed to be a nice weekend.

  7. This team is for realz! Looking forward to reading all about it. I think the ultra part will make it more interesting than a regular relay...

  8. How exciting!!! Good luck and have fun!

  9. You are going to have SO MUCH FUN! I'm so jealous. Good luck! And you have to tell me everything about your race costumes because we'll probably just copy you guys for our "Sexy & We Know It" Ragnar team in July! I even perused some of your awesome tshirts online last night! :-)