Friday, May 4, 2012

Five for Friday

Five completely random things on my mind during layovers at the airport!
1. First off a BIG thank you to everyone who has commented so far on my "finding shoes you love post" here. I've researched all the ones where specific styles were given, and based on what I know I need / what I would ultimately like, I will be looking into both the brooks trance, and the ravennas. I probed one of my gfs who worked at a running store for 5 years to see what input she might have- although she said Brooks is a good shoe, it is MUCH flatter than saucony's so I may not like the transition and  Mizunos is a better transition. Hmmm decisions, decisions. I'm still open for all input as I make my way toward finding love.

2. I got a brazilian blowout about 3 weeks ago, and now that I officially have straight hair, I've  been every so slowly trying to experiment with different hairstyles. I actually have no idea what I'm doing, so I decided to start small with the sock bun. I wanted to do one on top of  my head, but my layers aren't long enough to make that happen, so I did a low to the side one. Fairly easy- my roommate said I looked like Princess Leia, however I don't think he meant that in a good way because then he erupted in laughter.
what do you think??

3. Currently sitting in the Phoenix airport on my lovely 3 hour delay so I can fly to Boise Idaho. Although I'm not excited about the spud state itself, I AM excited to be doing another double weekend. Idaho tomorrow, Oregon Sunday. Both of which I'll be running with one of my favorite "virtual turned real" friends Kim from (Just) Trying is for Little Girls. Also tonight  at dinner I'll get the opportunity to meet in person Cynthia from Run, Dream & Laugh out Loud. 2012 seems to be the year of meeting up with bloggers!

4. When I do meet up for races, me and whoever generally plan to be "matchy matchy"- case in point

This weekend's will be no exception with Kim: (taken from her blog post from today)

I swear I don't always wear skirts or plan my outfits out carefully. I can be reckless as seen below from a run earlier in the week... ignore the nappiness of my hair, weird face, hand gesture, etc. 

The bandanna wrapped around my wrist?!?! That is a summer must for me to have something to wipe off my sweat. Yay for lazy days drinking beer by the pool now that summer is here, boo for how much it sucks running!

5.  Last month when I raced in Colorado, Kim was reading "Fifty shades of Grey". Honestly, I never heard or it and was shocked when she explained what it was about. Within a week or two my facebook newsfeed was blowing up about all these ladies reading it. Wednesday I hopped on the band wagon and bought it for my trip. Started it on the plane from Nashville to Phoenix, and managed to read just over 200 pages so far. Good in a weird soft porn kind of way. Saw that Universal Studios paid roughly $5 mil for the movie rights... I can't IMAGINE this being transformed into an actual movie, and if it were, could I handle watching it?!?


  1. Thats so awesome you're coming to Boise tonight!! What race are you doing tomorrow? I live in Boise :)

  2. I think your hair bun looks cute:) Have a great time this weekend and good luck!

  3. Good luck this weekend! I just finished 50 shades. I am not sure I could handle a movie version. I am thinking it would be kind of awkward to see in theaters. And I think I need to steal your bandanna idea.

  4. Did you have two layovers? What a drag flying across the country. At least you had Fifty to keep you company.

  5. hells yes you can watch that movie. especially if it is someone hot. :):) random question-what are you using to do the picture collages?

    1. uh ABSOLUTELY they would have to cast someone hot. not sure anyone lives up to that description that i know currently. So I use for the collages. I actually used it awhile back to create my header. Sad day when picnik closed, but this gets the job done.

  6. No way. I have read about this book on at least a million blogs this week and they're talking about it on the radio every morning. Adding Barnes & Noble to my list of errands for tomorrow. Gotta get it!

  7. Hear so many things about that book, I guess I HAVE to read it now too :) Good luck on your double weekend!

  8. Love the matchy matchy, come to Montana and I will be matchy matchy with you, or maybe someday I will have a travel budget and I will travel with you!

    I have not read that book, but I have heard great things about it.

    Have fun with the blogger meet up and the race!

  9. What is a sock bun? Im intrigued...

    When are you hitting up MA? (Or a nearby surrounding state?) Obvi I run much slower than you, but photo ops are fun, and I'd love to get together after I missed you in Hartford!!

  10. awesome job this weekend! you are amazing!!

  11. I also started reading the series. I finished the 1st book and OMG, OMG, OMG, HOLY COW. I'm on the 2nd book and I CANNOT WAIT to read more!!! :)