Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lift your sole Giveaway

Inspiration- we all have given it, received it, or needed it at one point or another. Sometimes its in the form of words, actions, or as simple as reading a quote or seeing a picture. 
I'm constantly inspired by the members that I work with accomplishing their goals, reading everyone's blogs and seeing their daily challenges, and of course reading different quotes about running.

I happened to come across the company Lift your sole at the Disney Princess 1/2 and I absolutely fell in love with their inspirational magnets. Although their small, simple, and if I took the time I could probably make them myself, I think they are *AWESOME* For me its a great 'pick me up' when at work and I glance over my desk and see my 'mind over miles' one holding up a family photo.  So with that being said, I thought I would send some inspiration your way with a few different options. 
If you're a magnet lover like myself you can choose from the following 6 pack:
Half Marathon Inspired
Marathon Inspired
Just plain old Running Inspired 

Last magnet option is you can create your own 6 pack from all the ones above and a few additional options starting HERE and then clicking through

If you're not too keen on magnets but still want something inspirational, you can check out the other goodies HERE and let me know what you would want instead.

Requirements: (Leave a separate comment for each)
1. Be or Become a follower of my blog and let me know
2. Choose which 6 pack you want or other merchandise on the website.
(If you decide to create your own just write 'create your own' and if you win you can tell me exactly which ones.)

Additional Entries
1. Link giveaway on blog or facebook (1 comment for each)
2. let me know what personally inspires you for your current training
3.what are you favorite websites to find running related gear  (more along the lines of books, clothes, posters, anything inspirational) 

Contest Ends Sunday 3/27
Good Luck! 


  1. I think I would choose the general running pack...or a mixture of plain running and half marathon inspired.

    I love the mind over miles one.

  2. I am currently inspired by times getting quicker adn quicker. I am also inpsired by my endurance getting better each run. I love all running blogs...they inspire me all of the time.

  3. Most of my running gear comes from my local running store (Starting Block),, and now etsy thanks to this post.

  4. I like the 3rd pack of running magnets, the general running ones.I actually cant wait to check this company out even more, I love this type of stuff!

  5. Hey-Lisa-our track has a "man gate" that is open all the time. I don't see any hours posted. Last year I ran during school and was invaded by a P.E. Class, kind of scary, hoping to avoid that this time.
    Also, linking your giveaway on my blog. Pick me, pick me!

  6. i would create my own I think. I love them all!!

  7. i have found my current inspiration through Team in Training, Dailymile and blogging. I feel like I am surrounded by some strong, encouraging runners (mainly women) and I find that empowering!!

  8. Again, I have to say I found most books, quotes, ideas, from other blogs. i did just find a company at the Publix expo this weekend-- and I hope to order some shirts from them.

  9. I am now a follower.

  10. if I win, I think I'd rather have the run travel mug.

  11. i'm training for my first half marathon. A few things inspire me to do it, one being that it's my first half marathon and the other being a friend ran it so, you know what? I can too! :)

  12. Im a new follower! Just found your blog because you won my pay it forward book giveaway!

  13. I love the magnets. Id like to create my own pack

  14. I LOVE running princess for their inspirational gear they sell

  15. My current motivation for training is knowing that if I really work hard I could potentially win the Athena division of my first Tri of the season!