Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pain is good right?

I'm starting to realize that all my workouts in past have been running, running, more running, and a little bit of weight training when I felt necessary.

Obviously I need to step it up, and I had my first sculpting class EVER at the gym today. Two of my gfs from work were going so I figured I'd tag along and see what all the rage was about. Apparently today's main focus was ARMS. To be honest, I'm actually satisfied with the way my arms look, however I am EXTREMELY weak.

Shortly into our routine I was already struggling- push ups, curl bar, free weights- all I am very capable of doing, but not back to back with little rest and then repeating. I'm going to be honest here, toward the end I started cheating and resting, using less weight, and then just stopping all together, quite comical how much I couldn't do.

Aftermath?!?! Biceps feel as though I've been lifting all day, triceps are good (i generally work those out often), back / neck sore, and my calves... my calves are extremely tight!!! The other day at Fleet Feet the worker who was helping me flicked my calves, they didn't move which I thought was a good thing. Apparently its bad bc it means they are tight and what you want is for them to be as jiggly as possible- stretch stretch stretch.

After the class I went to roll out my IT Band and I couldn't even do it I was in so much pain. I asked the girls if there was any bruising in that area bc that would explain why it was so sensitive, but there was nothing.

So this brings me to the title of this post- 'pain is good right?' I mean if we are trying to become stronger and better, break our muscles down so they can build back up, pain is a necessity.

However, if we are constantly pain free does that mean we aren't pushing ourselves to our potential???
 I sure hope so because that makes me feel much better about all my aches and pain. 

What helps you guys recover quicker when in pain after doing something new?? Time? Massage? Ice? Heat?

Any suggestions on other classes to try out??

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  1. I'm totally cracking up at the visual of Jared flicking your calves. This absolutely sounds like something he would do. Glad he could help you! He's awesome.

    As long as your pain is EVEN in your body, it's just the DOMS from exercise. If one side hurts more than the other, I'd be concerned about injury. Stretch while your muscles are warm (or after a hot shower) and that will help. Over time, your muscles won't be as sore.

    If you're just started a new weights or workout routine, you can probably plan to be sore for the first 7-14 days. Hate to say it, girl. Your legs may feel heavy running, too. :) BUT, it's all good!