Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week in review

Its the weekend- yay! I'm at work on a saturday- argh! Although I'd like to think I'm a pretty optimistic, happy person, lets be honest, every week can't be a great week. This however was- seemed like every day something new or exciting happened!

Monday- Had my first ever yoga class, flow yoga in the morning. Afterward went to fleet feet and their amazing store owner finally was able to pin point the root of all my knee pain- over pronator running in a neutral shoe w/o inserts mixed with weak gluteus medius causing my hip flexors to do all the work, pulled on my sartorius and my it band, thus causing knee pain- whew thats a lot. Did get some exercises to strengthen my gluteus medius. It amazes me how even the slightest thing off can have such a domino effect!

Tuesday- It's official! Put the down payment on our new home and get the keys next week! Had to leave work early and road trip it to Murray, Ky for health fair following day.

Wednesday- 1st part of day was spent working the Murray State University health fair, met a lot of genuine people wanting to make a difference in their health (always warms my heart) Headed back to Nashville met with my new chiropractor (so much better than the old) and then had my first ever sculpt class at the Y. According to the girls I went with, it was more of a body pump class, but regardless, it kicked my butt.

Thursday- decided to try yoga again, but this time basic yoga. It.was.hard. How is it that basic yoga was way more complicated than flow yoga??? Had a really advanced teacher who could wrap his legs around his head and lift himself up- I laughed and just sat there during those hard poses. I do think its slowly helping with flexibility, but decided I just need to give it some time.

Friday-found out from my new chiro that I have 'short leg syndrome' with my left leg. On wed he said my left leg was 7mm too short, today it was 12 mm!! Apparently a lot of the moves we did in sculpt on wednesday (standing squats, chest presses, dead lifts) are not good for my body while I'm trying to fix everything. Told me that I should only stretch my hamstrings on the left leg, and quads on the right to even everything out. If I can be patient, he said no running till my South Carolina race April 2 so it doesn't throw off all the torque in my body. I am not a patient by nature person, so this will take some practice.

Saturday- After work, meeting up with a bunch of folk to attend Franklin Brew Fest!! This will be my 2nd year in attendance- last year was a bit cold and rainy and had some drama ensued at the end of evening. This year should be great, meeting up with a variety of people, high of 66, clear skies!!
last year with my friend RJ and two random leprachaun people! 


  1. Thanks for the brewfest info!
    Just email me next time...jill.hassen [at]!

  2. Whoda thought that YOGA could be BAD for you??? Not me!!
    You have a new follower btw! :) Cheers!