Friday, March 11, 2011

Running for a Reason

For those of you fellow bloggers who also follow Jill @ Run for the Hills, you may have noticed her recent post about 3 amazing individuals running in hopes to raise money for a special cause.

More specifically I wanted to shed some light on Josh's cause from Purposely Running. Josh, a fellow Tennessean, has a huge heart and is always the first to send encouraging words when needed, congratulations after a job well done, or just a 'hey' if you've been M.I.A. for a bit. He has a great appreciation for life and because of that, he has been looking for a reason to 'give back' through his running.  After catching up with some of his dear friends, the Kramer Family, he found out they were in the process of trying to adopt Ivan, a child with down syndrome from an orphanage in  Eastern Europe.

The Kramers are working with Reece's Rainbow Adoption Ministry to raise enough money to complete the adoption and bring Ivan to the states.They still need more money to complete the process, so Josh has decided to step in and run 4 half marathons this spring, his first one EVER this upcoming weekend in hopes to raise money with each race to help donate to the Kramer family.  His hope is that for every person that donates, they consider doing $5 per race so he can help make the Kramer's dream of bringing Ivan home a reality. 100% of your donations will go to the Kramer family, and you can do that on Josh's blog HERE. If you can't do $5 a race, any donation is appreciated to help speed the process along and have Ivan here by June!

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