Monday, March 28, 2011


So my speedwork today was actually in the form of our first kickball game of the season. Don't laugh- running to catch the ball (which I did) and running to the bases as fast as you can (which i did) are all speedwork in its own form. I was super nervous because the last thing I need right now is a sprained ankle from stepping in a pot hole, or slipping in the mud (we've had a TON of rain this past weekend) Game went off without a hitch - and we won!! (sorry for lack of pictures)

What I'm MOST excited about is my knee doesn't hurt at ALL! It was giving me some issues when I was moving houses on saturday, but maybe it just wanted to remind me its still there. My plan for the week is at least 1 lunch run, 3.2 miles, before my Easter bunny 1/2 mary. If all goes well there, I'm going back to normal training- thank goodness. I was looking at my mileage for this year:

January -105 miles
February- 40 miles (all from 3 halfs)
March- 23

I can't help but laugh and then want to cry at the same time because I'm going stir crazy. Even though I haven't worked out that much, I still managed to lose 7lbs this month from cutting out dairy and doing my quarterly cleanse- woot woot! Although I'm no where near cutting back the inches like Becka, once I get p90x this upcoming weekend, 'train for bikini' season will be in full effect! 
My motivation??? Realistic abs like these


  1. i know what you mean about bikini season! i swear i can tell the biggest difference in cutting out all of the crap i had been eating. i may actually have abs under the flab! woot!

  2. quarterly cleanse? do tell.

    Kickball is totally speedwork. Assuming the players don't drink and play like my friends do in the ATL. :)

  3. Curious....what is your quarterly cleanse?

    I LOVE playing kickball...totally speedwork! You are going to be bikini ready in no time!