Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Short leg syndrome???

So last Monday I had the day off and decided to do some much needed grocery shopping. In the produce aisle I happen to run into my chiropractor- silly me teased him because it was still work hours for him and he was playing hooky at Kroger.
He informed me that he was laid off and that I would be having a new chiropractor from this point moving forward....oops

Unbeknownst to me, this  actually worked out for the better since his replacement has spent years specializing in sports chiropractic- hooray! I had my first appt with new doc on wednesday and after thorough catching up on what I was working on, what I found out from other docs, and different tests the new doc put me through I found out that in addition to being an over pronator, having weak glutes, IT band syndrome, bursitis, and patellar tendonitis I also have......


So yes, everyone has different leg sizes, but apparently my left leg is significantly short enough to have this fancy term. So what does this do you may ask?!?! Apparently a lot....

 In short its a spiraling effect and in my case, it causes me to come down harder on my right leg which is why I have so many issues with my right knee, yet nothing with my left (despite orthopedist saying left knee showed greater signs of patellar tendonitis than right, good old high jumping days)

I personally didn't think it was a huge deal, however when I went in on wednesday he measured me at 7mm short. I did a sculpting class and then yoga before I saw him 2 days later on Friday- then I measured 12 mm short. Before I could even tell him what I did he asked if I did any squats, or standing shoulder press- YES and YES. Apparently those are 2 of the last exercises you want to do when you have a significant short leg because your torque is already thrown off in your body and its working hard to over correct itself and you are adding more pressure onto it. So not only am  I not able to do those anymore, but he told me to really not run at ALL till my race april 2 to allow him time to correct me without having to redo it every visit. 
Weirdest part of all.... on my left leg no stretching quad, just hamstring, and on right leg no hamstring just quad, I understand the concept, but still...
anyone ever heard of this?!!?

I got nothing to lose so I will give it a whirl, but meanwhile I'm going crazy. I decided that if I'm unable to run and the only cross training i'm allowed is yoga or biking, then I might as well get a headstart on later summer months and early fall months for races!

B and I have been very fortunate with races thus far- living in TN gives us an advantage for being able to drive to multiple states-  Out of 16 states (9 done and 7 more on the books) we will only have flown to one! Obviously we're running out and will have to start planning more plane trips with back to backs. 
What I'm finding difficult with the western states is that a lot of the races are in smaller towns and can't find a major airport OR its supper expensive to fly there (north dakota, montana, wyomming etc) Soooooooo with that being said

*** anyone out there have any advice on how to find cheap deals on planes, or car rentals?!?!**


  1. Although I sorta loathe them, Orbitz has been the best in terms of deals... especially if you are booking a package. With them, I have found it works best if you don't book more than a month or two in advance. Everything I have booked more than 5-6 months in advance turned out to be a total nightmare.

  2. We used Bookit.com for our Vegas trip and it was great. We booked 5 months in advance. I personally not sure how they compare to the others, but the hubs is a stickler for the best deal and researches things to death :o) Good Luck!

  3. Flights I usually do on expedia, sidestep, or kayak,sometimes it's worth checking out the airline directly. It depends from which airport you fly out.
    The cheapest hotels and car rentals I found are at priceline. You can buy normal rooms or bid on them. Bidding is fun!! :) You can get roooms and cars really cheap! Only draw back you have to take it, no refunds at all.

    I'm so glad you found a good chiropractor! I hope you feel better soon!

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