Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Race Schedule

Isn't it exciting when you find a new race to add to your schedule?!? (it is for me)
B and I met today at work and finalized our races through October! I'm sure some may change, and maybe a few will be added along the way, but for now, here is our list. For those of you who have ran any of the following races in the past and have any feedback, I welcome it with open arms! Also let me know if I may cross your path along the race course. Happy running everyone!!!


  1. OMG I LOVE making race plans!! Best of luck to you as you carry them out. Cheers!!
    L Finch

  2. Oregon Wine Country? Really? Come down a little further south and do the Eugene Women's Half instead. I'm just getting ready to sign up for it.

  3. Goodness! impressive! i’m about to work on mad. sad none of them match up! i did RNR chicago last year-it was a great race-but it was hot. they had iced sponges on the course which was fabulous-hopefully they will have them again. pretty good course running through the city and good crowd support!

  4. Yeah, help out at a warm race, my hands were so cold I thought my fingers were gonna fall off lol!! :) Thanks for your comment. :) :) :)