Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Quarterly Cleanse

After my earlier post about losing weight with a quarterly cleanse + giving up dairy, I had a few people inquire about what a quarterly cleanse is, and what do I use. Rather than me try to explain why you should cleanse quarterly here is a mini article I'm reposting that explains it much better than myself: Everything in pink is my personal input

Why You Should Do A Detox Cleanse On A quarterly Basis

There are so many benefits to performing a quarterly detox cleanse on your body. Possibly one of the most bright is that you will have healthier skin and feel better too just by ridding your body of the excess wastes that you are carrying around. For me I always notice when I complete a cleanse that there is a lot less 'bloating' in my tummy- especially the 'mom pooch' (even though i'm not a mom)
You can fast and de facto heighten your skin tone and rid your body of harmful chemicals with a cleanse. The best part is that there is a built in ideas in the human body that is made to accomplish these cleanses with ease.
You might wonder how your body can get toxic or why you would need a detox cleanse. It is de facto straightforward when you think all of the harmful elements and chemicals that are gift in our food and even in the air that we breathe. if you eat sushi,  walk barefoot in grass, have pets, are exposed to pollution you have toxics and parasites in your system
Since this is the case it makes it nearly impossible for your body to claim these cleanses without some type of agenda or stock to help. So you can find a whole of separate products that are targeted at separate types of cleanses.
In order find the best detox for yourself you will want to know about the separate types of cleanses and how they can advantage you. In the end you will be feeling much better than you did before and your body will show that you are healthier through your skin.
You can choose from a kidney detox, colon detox, lung detox, liver detox and skin detox. Depending on the type of detox that you choose your diet will be separate and will reflect the separate condition information. Mine is colon. I'll be honest I don't do any drastic diet when I cleanse- I do limit the sugar (makes your body acidic), and the amount of fried foods I eat. I also will cut back on dairy since it causes inflammation in your body, but since I gave it up for lent, that wasn't a problem this time around (which is why I lost so much weight this time) 
Some detoxes will wish you to buy extra supplements. If you currently take a multi-vitamin, REMEMBER to do it while cleansing, you need the extra nutrients. Remember that at first while a detox cleanse you will feel worse and start to get sick, it is only after all of these chemicals are out of your body that you will feel better.This last statement is VERY true- sometimes when I cleanse I get real tired / lethargic as all the toxins are stirring up in my body, but after I feel great
So what do I use???
For the past 5 years, I have been using this 3 phase system:
The first phase: ParaCleanse
Taken from Symmetry's website:
Give your body its best defense against parasites with Symmetry's ParaCleanse.
  • Powerful botanicals to purge impurities from the body to help maintain the body's natural resilience
  • Two-phase system - the first phase works to eliminate impurities, while the second phase works to nourish the blood.
  • A support system for the body's natural immune function.
Basically it makes your body bitter, so when the parasites that you have living inside of you try to 'feed', they blow up- thus comes the sometimes feeling sick feeling.  You take 1 pill 4x a day for 5 days with this phase.
The second phase: Botana Cleanse

  • Provides a gentle, mild cleansing with botanicals and natural fibers.
  • Nourishes and protects the colon with probiotics to support the "friendly flora" in the colon.
  • Natural ingredients that work synergistically to cleanse and support the entire body, removing toxins and protecting the colon.

This step you can either start on the 3rd day or 4th day (whichever you prefer) into your paraclease. It basically cleanses the colon and washes out the parasites you are killing with paracleanse. Some people have 'experiential effects', others don't. Since I've been bad and haven't done one in probably 9 months, this round was rough for me. This box has 5 sheets of pills- 4 of the sheets are the actually cleanse- 1 sheet = 1 day- 3-4pills 3x a day. 

The third phase: Restore Phase
The 5th sheet within the botana cleanse box you do once you're done with the cleanse. The restore phase is designed to put back all the good bacteria / 'friendly flora' that you eliminated during the cleanse. This is 1 pill 3x a day for a week (your diet can be normal at this point because the cleaning out is complete and now you're just making sure you body has everything back it needs)

That is the simplest way I can explain it, so if you have specific questions or want more details, please let me know. There are a ton of cleanses out there, this just happens to be the one that I've used consistently since 2006, so I'm comfortable with how to use it, and confident in referring others to try it out since everything in it is not only organic, but nothing artificial- its all herbs. 

Happy cleaning :) 

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