Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tangent Tuesday

Tangents that make me happy!

1.) I'm thinking Spring is here to stay! Its been consistently in the 80s for a week, AND grass is green, trees and flowers are blooming, and its becoming harder to focus. I'm hoping we get more than a few weeks of spring before it becomes MISERABLE. Last year we had spring for maybe a couple of weeks and then we bypassed straight into summer with recording breaking temps and the hottest month of June since the 1950s. I love warm weather, but my hair HATES humidity.
flowers and trees blooming along entrance to work

2.) Today is the first day was supposed to be the first day of kickball practice, however not everyone's schedule allowed them to get away. Last year our team was pretty good, this year our team looks much better- we've got a larger talent group to work with (younger, athletic, competitive) so it should be interesting to see how well we do in our first game next week. I was going to take pics at practice, but since it didn't happen, here are a few from last year
Me running toward first (i'm sure it was a pop up ball and got caught)

standing around waiting for it to be my turn (our team is blue so we just wear blue shirts- classy i know)

me behind 3rd base- my outfield stomping ground

3.) Since kickball was cancelled and I still had carved out the time in my schedule, I decided to go for my normal 3.2 lunch run. I didn't have my garmin or my music, so I tried to kill 2 birds w/ one stone and run w/ my phone (time) on speaker and opened up my workout playlist (music). The run was much slower than I would like, but given I'm still trying to be easy on my knee, the hot temps, and the fact that I threw up 1/2 way through, I think i'll take it. I'm currently doing a cleanse / detox, and I now know that running + cleansing + heat doesn't mix- *NOTED*
after 'seeing my breakfast a 2nd time' 

4.) It's rare that I win anything- and when I do, I"m literally ecstatic! Over the course of the last week I won my first..... and second blog giveaways!!! After months have gone by karma finally caught up. Shannon @ Philadelphia Phitness Pharmacy was giving away a box of Mint Chocolate Luna bars (which just so happens to be my favorite flavor) and when my shipment comes in, I'll have a decent supply!
Second giveaway was hosted by Kadie @ There She Runs for her Cam Bands review and giveaway! There are so many running non slip bands coming out, that often I joke with B how I should start up my own company and I'd probably do just fine financially :)
The one I picked out....
lots of colors so can go with a lot of different outfits! 
5.) So I have no idea how to do the fancy map of the United States and then color in the ones I've completed with races (so if you know how to do that, i'm ALL ears) but I was able to print one out and go old school style and color it in with crayons.
Hard to make it legible, but as you can see I have the south east pretty much taken care of, and have written in the dates of all my 'locked and loaded' races. Makes me so excited to see my accomplishment or future accomplishment on my desk daily. 


  1. First, your hair looks awesome after your run! Wow, it must be hot there.

    Second, I love your map! Don't get all hi tech on us, your map is perfect!

  2. Is your office in Franklin or off Briley Pkwy in Nashville? It looks like my old building.

    I also am trying to figure out the map thing, so I'll keep you posted on that, although I dig your colored one, too. :)

    I watched some kickball games at Piedmont Park this weekend.

  3. Thanks Kim- I have curly hair and today just happened to be a day I didn't straighten it! I do love my map, especially when I'm done with a race and I get to color, I feel like a little kid.
    Jill- its in Franklin- its cool springs boulevard exit literally right off 65. Kickball is definitely a fun time if you ever get the oppty to play vs watch!

  4. I get the hair, south, humidity thing. Keratin treatment was my solution. Did a groupon and now I am hooked. Luckily my stylist hooks me up! :) my now ex did my map and I am clueless and not sure what I am going to do when I need to add more states…will cross that bridge in May. I think yours is just fine!! :)

  5. Looks like Oregon is on your list! :) I like the idea of coloring my own map better anyway. Thanks for your comment just now. :) Oh, and looks like you're the lucky one now winning all these things! :)