Friday, July 8, 2011

Fitness Friday

One of my favorite cartoons pertaining to exercise...

So most people generally slack in the fitness activity during winter due to it getting darker earlier, colder, S.A.D, etc etc.

I am quite the opposite- I tend to let my fitness slack in the summer because its HUMID and HOT here in Tennessee, and there are so many different events going on that my time gets monopolized. After seeing my pathetic 25 miles ran in June on Daily Mile, and not to mention WAY behind on my 1000 miles to run in 2011, I decided July would be different.

So far this week I've ran 13 miles- which I'd like to point out is 1/2 of what I ran for all of last month- woo! This puts me at a grand total of 320 miles run this year - way behind my initial goal of thinking I'd already be at 600, 100 miles a month- goes to show folks take it easy so you don't get injured!

I got my BF% checked at the beginning of the month, and my plan is to get it re-checked at the end of the month just to see what 30 days worth of focus can accomplish. I don't expect any huge decreases, but I'm secretly hoping to go from 18% BF to 16% (fingers crossed) I also started the month around 161-162lbs, and broke into 158lbs. Ultimately I would like to be a comfortable 155 (for heaviest days), and closer to 150 on my light days. Regardless of my weight or body fat %, at 5'10 I am comfortable with my measurements from a health stand point, I just want to be lighter and leaner to become a stronger and faster runner.

For accountability purposes, I realized that what will motivate me is to record what I've done for the week on 'fitness friday'
Monday- 10k race
Tuesday- 3.1 mile run +  Core Synergistics
Wednesday- Cardio X
Thursday- 3.7 mile run + p90 shoulders & arms + ab ripper x
Friday- yoga x

Plan for weekend:
Saturday- rest day (due to bachelorette party and busy with them all day / night)
Sunday- Legs and back + ab ripper x

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!! 


  1. What a great start to July! You made me check, I'm barely on track for 1000 miles this year.
    I'd like to weigh 150 @ 5'10" too. Show me how to get it done!

  2. Good idea to check your body fat! I think it is a better gauge. I totally slack in the summer because I would rather be out having fun. In the winter there is nothing else better to do!

  3. It's just miserable lately. I'm having a super tough time too and just getting out when I can. I've not had a double digit run in 3 weeks. What an awesome start to your July!!

  4. Did I just write this? Yeah, last week I did FOUR miles. A whopping FOUR! I hate summer running and seem to really excel in the fall and winter. I'm trying to find motivation to get my toosh moving!

    Looks like you have a nice week lined out!