Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. After my EXTREMELY disappointing performance in the Presque Isle race HERE this past Sunday, I realized I needed more training in the heat. Monday went on 5 mile run and it was 93 with heat index at 102, Tuesday 5.2 miles at 96 degrees with heat index of 105- both of these were even at 7pm sans my water belt. Both runs were miserable to say the least and I had to stop countless times. After yesterdays run I was so beat down I had to stop at the nearest gas station and chug a whole bottle of chocolate milk just to have any source of energy. As much as I want to get better, I decided that being safe is a little more of a priority and I'm going to have to resort to the TM after work. I actually don't hate the TM, however its hard for me to go longer than 4 miles on it due to boredom- guess I need to suck it up. 

2. For the last 9 weeks I've had the opportunity to take part in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace online course for free with work. Although I've learned quite a bit, there is still so much more for me to put into practice and change my mentality. I asked my facilitator if I would be able to join a new group that started at work- Dave Ramsey's Core Financial Wellness (website only available if you have a network key, so no link to provide you with) Yesterday was the first meet up and although it still follows everything I'm learning in Financial Peace, its more in depth and actually taught by one of Dave's co-workers. Because I'm 9 weeks into the FP program, yesterday's lesson was a review for me and I looked like the smart kid in the class- one guy called me a ringer haha. 
        2 great things came from that class:

    • I got a free book- The Total Money Makeover
    • After the class, I got an email from one of the guys, Chris, who was in there. He works for corporate so no reason for us to really communicate- introduced himself and said the purpose of him reaching out to me is he heard through the grapevine I'm a runner and I've ran in Disney. He had some questions about what to expect with costs / timing/ etc. After a few emails back and forth he asked if I wanted to join their TN Ragnar Relay team for this upcoming November. The company I work for is the main sponsor for TN Ragnar (if you ran it last year, it was the site of the last van swap) so earlier in the Spring they gave a free entry to the first all Healthways team that registered- that team just so happens to be Chris', so if I decide to join, less money to spend!!! A slight part of me holding back since I did that Ragnar last year, and I'd rather do a different location for that time commitment. On the plus side, it would be cheap since I don't have to pay for air fare to get there and the race entry is waivered- ahhhh a good dilemma to be in! :) 

3. One of my FAVORITE co-workers, Ronnie, came into work today and said he had something for me....

I couldn't decide which photo I liked the best, so you get all 3.

I have a slight addiction to nutella- I don't keep it around for that reason. Ronnie's mom apparently gave him 4 bottles and he needed to get rid of some so his kiddos wouldn't go into a sugar coma (apparently its alright if I do though) This isn't the small bottle either- this is the big  26.5oz bottle. I'm taking a betting pool on how long this bottle will last... my mouth is salivating right now thinking about it, so I'm wrapping up the post so I can dig in....

Happy Thursday! 


  1. We just love that Dave Ramsey at my house. I even paid A to write a book report on the Total Money Makeover. You are so lucky to get this all figured out in your twenties.

  2. Running in the heat is no fun....and girl that is some serious heat!!!

    My hubby bought Nutella the other day just on a whim...he loves it! We used to eat it all the time when I lived in Spain!

  3. 1. Heat sucks. Sucks. (For running anyway)
    2. I wish I'd actually applied what I learned about money management to my own life :(
    3. I've never tried Nutella...

  4. i gotta say, whenever you mention your work on the blog, i get total job envy!! i wish i was surrounded by people interested running and health!

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE Nutellla - this is a life saver!!

  6. I swear I've been hearing more and more about Nutella lately. I haven't tried it. I thought it had chocolate or cocoa in it? And so therefore no Nutella for me. You can have my share! ;)