Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Debauchery

This past weekend was filled with good times with old friends, and some new ones. Aside from walking all over downtown, there was zero exercise involved- no worries I will be making up for it these next few days. In the meantime- here was
9 Great / random / hilarious things about my weekend:

1. It doesn't matter how long you've been apart, or sometimes how often you keep in touch- good friends you can just pick up where you left off...

2. You can make a cake to look like just about anything..... (keep in mind this is for a bachelorette party)

There was a pump that oozed out white icing

3. Drinking while in the pool all day, leads to silliness and getting sick

A bunch of rum, pineapple juice, amaretto and maybe something else

For the record, I'm pretty sure we all had a photo like this.

I left out the photos of me "losing my cool" over the pool fence- ironically enough, earlier in the day we were discussing when the last time we vomited from alcohol.... mine was back when I lived in Louisville- streak is broken :(

4. I never go out, but was shocked when in a 1 hour time frame I saw 3 people I actually know... I felt popular! 

Ran into Jerry (one of my old roommates) on the strip- he occasionally will take his guitar downtown and play on the street
Literally right when I walk into the Big Bang (dueling piano bar) I see Josh- co-worker and on my kickball team

In the bathroom I ran into one of the lead singers of Kopecky Family Band, Kelsey. I saw her play at Bonnaroo and was able to talk with her for a bit about her next show in Nashville. She actually recognized me in the bathroom and we chatted some more- going to their show on June 28th now- woo!

5. If you go out in a large group- expect to lose people as the night and the alcohol sets in...

Beginning of evening before dinner

at our 2nd bar- The Big Bang

The group dwindled after our last bar, Coyote Ugly- few people got sick, others ventured off. 

6. I still got game (when it comes to opposite sex) When I go out, IF I get hit on, its always by someone really OLD, or super short (don't understand why its always that pattern). I saw a guy at the bar who I thought was attractive, non-chalantly spit some game, and he was in- as an added bonus---- he was British!!! ( i have a big thing for accents) He ended up tagging along with us for the rest of the night and walked me home... and when yes when I say walk home, I really do mean JUST that. 
Messing around with Beth's veil
He asked for a photo opp in front of the guitar pic as a souvenir from his trip to Nashville (just traveling through on a tour of the US)

7. At the bar I was reaching for something and apparently my boob came in eye view of this bigger girl sitting down. She asked if they were real- ummm seriously?!?! I laughed and told her yes, asking why. She said its rare to find big boobs on a white skinny girl. Wow 2 compliments- skinny and big boobs! I assured her that my strapless bra is giving an optical illusion because I only wear a B, sometimes a C depending on who makes it. Further proof this lady knew nothing about what she was talking about.
My itty bitties in comparison to Jaclyn's double Ds
8. On sunday after coming back to my place I decided I would try to nap at the pool. I had my awesome roommate Adam rub lotion on my back and he made the comment that I must really be doing a lot of pull ups because my back is looking more toned. I laughed and told him I haven't done a single one since he last  made fun of me and that I just naturally have a bony back, but kudos to at least looking toned ;)

9. I was so exhausted after pool time on Saturday, that my friend Abby offered me something similar to aderol- silly me took it. Now I was never hyper or 'super alert' but what did happen is that when I got back to the hotel at 4am, despite being exhausted I couldn't sleep. I laid there till the other girls woke at 8:30, then started cleaning the room. I didn't manage to sleep until 10:30pm sunday night- translates into 38 hours I was up, but yet didn't feel like I had not slept- crazy. 

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  1. I was going to individually comment on everything ... but I can sum it up by saying I LOVE IT ALL!! This was the most fun post I've read all day!

    What a blast!