Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Semi- Wordless Wednesday

The above photo sums up my workout last night. 
I did about 2 mile variety hills and intervals on treadmill, 
then decided to do another round of Burst Training.
All was well the first 2 bursts, 3rd I was feeling really weak and queasy. 
Stubborn me pushed through it and on the 4th burst I was struggling. 
I look down to see how much longer I have left to finish sprinting and started counting down.
12...11...10...9...8... VOMIT all over myself and the treadmill. 
I felt AWFUL. The saving grace was I didn't get any on the TM belt- whew. 
Cleaned myself and machine up, left gym IMMEDIATELY and raced home for a cold shower. 
That's how you know you give 100% in your workouts folks!!!
haha ok ok, really I think the massive amount of Mexican food I had earlier didn't
agree with me. 


  1. Ok, this is gross and hilarious. Hopefully you're feeling better today!

  2. I know it's at your expense but thanks for the laugh ;)

    I've often thought I wanted to try running so hard that it made me throw up, but without the mexican food. Weird. I know.

    Hope you're feeling better.

    Life…as I see it [fitness, health and happiness]

  3. OH NO!! I hope you feel better today. You are a very determined woman :)

  4. Holy crap! How embarrassing! You worked out hard, girl!

  5. wowzas. i CANNOT imagine. even if it was the mexican, you pushed yourself alright :)

  6. gahhhhh that sounds like a nightmare, you oor thing. hope you recovered quickly!

  7. Congratulations, welcome to the vomit club! ;) I've done it after 3 races now, and even in my own backyard on a training run. I know it is so gross, but at the same time it makes me feel freaking hard core ... obviously you worked hard to earn that vomit! ;)