Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm awesome

After a debate on facebook involving a fellow blogger and her sister not getting medals for their half marathon (which I completely empathize bc I too did not get a medal for my 4th of July race yesterday), someone pointed out that most people don't do much with medals anyway. 

A great 'suggestion' was made at how if they had an Allied medal display to showcase their medals, they would be more excited by each medal earned since it can now be shown off vs. just sitting in a drawer hidden.

I decided to finally break down and get my own medal display since I have 17+ medals earned to date. When I have a few options to choose from, I  have a hard time making decisions, so this is where I need YOUR advice on a design to choose from. 

I'm all about the custom create your own design and was thinking along the lines of this.....      

Before you go and think I'm extremely cocky, I would like to explain that I'm a HUGE Barney Stinson fan and I actually do incorporate the word 'awesome' into my daily vocabulary. I like the track shoe attached because track was my passion in high school. So if you like this design, please let me know. Otherwise, I'm open to suggestions since my brother got all the creative genes in the offspring, leaving me with very little. 

If you have a medal display, what does yours say?


  1. I think AWESOME is freaking Awesome and you should "run" with it! ;)

    I am going to order an Allied Medal Display now that I have a discount code from the Seattle RnR expo. Mine is going to say "Love to Run". That is what my favorite Prefontaine shirt and my Prefontaine necklace say. Seemed appropriate to made my medal hanger in honor of my #1 running inspiration!

  2. Love it! I got my blog name from my love for himym!

  3. I somehow missed this. You MUST get it it. Must.