Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jab.Cross.Hook.Uppercut- wait what?!?!

Yesterday was Cardio X day for p90x. Even though I started p90x last week, I decided to do the 'lean' option so technically I'm starting over and yesterday was day 2.
Cardio X is basically a combo of different moves from the other workouts to get your heart pumping. First several minutes were yoga, wasn't a big fan. I've yet to do Kenpo X therefore half the moves I was ridiculously bad at.

My roommate decided since I was EXTRA bad at the "Jab,cross, hook, uppercut" move that he would video tape it. I tried to find a short you tube clip so you could see what it is SUPPOSED to look like, but most of it was instructional martial arts stuff with punching bags- rest assured what you'll see below is not proper technique.
My plan is to post my embarrassment so I will be motivated to get better, and in a few weeks time I'll post a better video (with more clarity, stupid phone) to show my improvement.

Despite trying to repeat to myself over & over again "jab, cross, hook, uppercut" I still couldn't get it. Adam had to intervene and tell me to hit his hands. Basically if I tell myself 'hit hit cross under' then I remember what to do.

Great thing about being a runner is you don't have to be excellent at hand eye coordination- I think this proves my point.


  1. This is exactly why I replaced CardioX and Plyo with a run. You crack me up!

  2. I completely understand- I think what I may do now is run before cardio x- i'm stubborn so I want to be able to do the moves, but I need something else to get my HR up. I did plyo last week and it actually worked me- since I switched to p90x lean, plyo isn't in the workout anymore though.

  3. Lol!!! Nothing worse than not being able to get the routine!!! I tend to just start giggling and not being able to stop!

  4. I can't believe you shared the video. HILARIOUS! PS, you are doing more of a jab, uppercut, hook, uppercut :D

    I have improved my punches since taking turbo kickboxing, but the fast pace of it is hard! I am just NOT that coordinated!

    I have been slacking on P90X and haven't done it in... over a month. I suck.

  5. ha ha! So funny. You did way better than I would have done!! I have NO coordination! :)

  6. if you had ever practiced martial arts you would have aced it...i didn't even know they used this combo as a cardio exercise...