Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tangent Tuesday (Birthday Edition)

This year I decided to do a low key birthday with family and running- got a little of both.
  • I took an extended weekend (Friday through Monday) to do 2 of my favorite things- visit family, and do a race.
  • Sister-in-law Courtney came and picked me up from airport and I got to hang out with her and my nephew Codyn all day while waiting on the rest of the family to drive up to Columbus for my birthday dinner celebration!

He likes to suck on things- my finger for example! 

playing in his pool 

this is his serious face- I got this the majority of the day as he was observing me since I'm "new" to him in his life. 

ahhh baby blues. 
  • Rest of fam arrives and we meet my dad at one of my fave restaurants that unfortunately we don't have in Nashville- Bjs Brewhouse. Their menu is intense in terms of selection- I worked there a few years back in the evenings, so I already knew what I was craving....
Parmesan Crusted Chicken
Parmesan Crusted Chicken--- mmmm.

  • After stuffing my face it was time for cake- or in this case, my mom's cookie cake

Traditional mother daughter w/ cake pose

They were both mesmerized by the flame from the candles. 
  • Afterward we head to Andy & Courtney's house that is being built to check it out- quite huge and impressive.
Holding "my baby" - Andy, Court w/ Codyn, Tracie w Joseph, Eric
  • Say goodbyes, head back to Dayton for the evening. 
  • Mom and I head out to Erie, PA for state #18 (race report to come later- race did NOT go well)
  • I have a slight tendency to LOVE to take my photo with inanimate objects- so I made my mom take some photos...
Got lost on our way to find the towns Goodwill- a pre race tradition- found this gem

So far north that apparently this is acceptable- on way in to TJ Maxx

Post race food at Sallys Diner

Got lost AGAIN trying to find the Goodwill (it was closed day prior so we tried again) 
  • Take nap after race (MUCH needed)- decided to tour Presque Isle- although gorgeous, unless we wanted to go to the amusement park, wasn't too much to do. Tried to get some good views of light houses, but that was a no go. sand was SUPER hot to walk on.
  • Left the beach and finally found the thrift store- got a few good finds and then headed to the new Harry Potter movie- excellent as anticipated. 
  • Completely exhausted + getting sick earlier in day = going to bed early so I can get a good nights sleep. 
  • Drove back to Columbus, got dropped off at brothers and hung out with Court and Codyn before having to go to airport again. 
  • Yup and that was my weekend- doesn't sound like a lot, but it was just what I needed to get away and spend some time with my fam since I don't get to see often... would have more photos, but most were taken with mom's camera, and still waiting to get an email with those in them (hint hint mama J)


  1. Happy belated birthday!! :) Sounds like the perfect birthday, spending time with people they love you the most! :)

  2. The inanimate objects you posed with were awesome!! I mean that hotdog?? Too cool!