Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three Things Thursday!

1. This has been an interesting week for me as far as working out due to a cut that got massively infected HERE, and not being able to have anything touch the top of my toe. I would like to take a moment and thank antibiotics + bacitracin for my quick ALMOST recovery in time for the weekend.
I went from looking like this yesterday
To this morning...

I celebrating my healing by doing a round of p90x legs and back + ab ripper x (barefoot of course so nothing would touch my toe)  Modified some of the leg moves bc its still tender to bend the toe since the cut is RIGHT on the crease where toe connects to foot, +   I have a race this weekend so I also want fresh legs. 

2. I have my first half marathon race since May 28!! That may not seem like a long time to some of you folks, but considering I was doing anywhere from 1 -5  a month, I feel out of shape. The Presque Isle 1/2 race in Erie PA is actually where Becca did her first half marathon, and she assured me it was a pleasant course both elevation wise and scenic---- she better be right. 

3. Lastly and most IMPORTANTLY- I fly out tomorrow morning back to Ohio where I get to celebrate my birthday with my family!!! 1 year closer to the big 3-0! (I'll be 27)  Last time I spent my birthday with my fam was when I turned 25 and they came to Louisville to visit me. 
Dinner at Captains Quarters
By the end of the evening, everyone had a good amount of alcohol in them and things got silly...

Dad doing his 'myspace' kissy face

Andy pretending to be trampled by a horse?
Here's hoping to another great year- running, financially, rich with friends and loved ones!


  1. Happy Birthday! So glad your foot is feeling better. I was worried about you...

    Thanks for the food advice. My first reaction was, aren't those the 4 food groups (haha!)? Cutting them out will clearly make a change for me.

  2. Your foot looks SO much better.

    Have a great race this weekend! Not that I want your fitness to drop, but maybe if it drops a little bit more, we can finally run together and I might be able to keep up with you. ;)

  3. major improvement! have fun this weekend!! and happy early birthday :)

  4. Hi from a new follower. 50 in 50. That is awesome! Hope you had a great weekend celebrating your birthday! P90X Legs and Back is one of my all time favorites!

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  5. The horse trampling photo is hysterical! I have a similar one - except it was a decorated cow and I was kissing it. Ah, parties are so fun!

    Happy birthday!!