Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Went to a new bar/restaurant last night for drinks after work- saw this sign and thought it was hilarious!
guess you learn something new everyday.

2. B and I are leaving after work tomorrow to break our Chicago trip up- thus staying the night in Indy with my relatives. In the meantime I get to catch up with a 'blast from the past' co-worker from Dayton who lives in Indy now. Heather is from a life I left behind, so never really thought I'd see her again :) 

once upon a time, I had short hair

3. Both B and I always wanted our picture with 'the bean' in Chicago- We just got the message from the infamous Dave Mari that we are taking our Half Fanatic photo before the race in front of the bean! And as an added side bonus- just checked the weather for Sunday - high of 79- I haven't seen those temps since spring! 

and just for fun, some half fanatic / marathon maniac photos from past races. 


  1. Those pics are so much fun! What a great group to be part of!

    Oh and love the sign!

  2. lucky you will have such great weather for it! got your note about RI, so smart!! one of these days you and I will do the same race :) have fun and good luck!!

  3. Love the pics! Can't wait for your race report on Chicago...

  4. Can't wait to hear about your time in Chicago! Good luck to you and B!

  5. i literally just saw the sale on twitter!! so excited..but REALLY don’t need to spend any money right now…hmm…and about ragner-i would LOVE to but I can’t miss any more weekends with TNT-i’m already missing 4-5. bummer!!

  6. Fun 3 Things Thursday! Love the photos!

    Enjoy your trip. I"m hoping I get to take my pic with the bean when I'm in Chicago for the marathon :)

  7. Aww, all of your fun Half Fanatic pictures make me actually want to go through the steps to join. I qualified for it in May, but just never convinced myself to pay to join. But this looks fun!