Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Things that make me happy edition

1. Registration complete!

 This will allow me the below medal for the Heavy Medal series

Dear Lisa Jameson,
Congratulations! You are now registered for the 2011 Dodge Rock 'n' Roll San Jose Half Marathon - Half Marathon. Please check the event's website for updates.
Please note: Each participant must pick up their own race number at the Health & Fitness Expo presented by Power Balance. Go to the Expo page of the race website or times and location of the Expo.

Good luck with your training!
Cytomax, official on-course electrolyte drink.
GU, official on-course energy gel.

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Dodge Rock 'n' Roll San Jose
Registration Details
Registration ID:R-00R9SRQ8
Participant:Lisa Jameson
Location:S Almaden Blvd & W Santa Clara St
San Jose, California 95113
Category:2011 Dodge Rock 'n' Roll San Jose Half Marathon - Half Marathon

2. Got my roundtrip air fare from  Nashville to San Francisco (my family will be making the drive from San Jose to come get me!)  

Trip Summary
Flight Summary
Nashville, TN , US (BNA)

San Francisco, CA , US (SFO)
Thu, Sep 29, 2011
09:05 am - 01:59 pm (1 Stop)

Tue, Oct 04, 2011
10:46 am - 06:26 pm (1 Stop)
Airline Confirmation:
Frontier Airlines : JHQBYX
  Select Seats
 Traveler NameTicket NumberMeal PreferenceSpecial Request
 Awesome, Lisa (rockstar)4228708526660 E-TicketAny meal—­­­

3. I won this in my Dave Ramsey Core class (new program that they're test piloting to replace financial peace) today for going 'above and beyond' our lessons- woo woo - actually in talks with becoming a facilitator for future classes held in the area! 

4. My Vegas Relay Team - "2 Legit 2 Quit" accepted my idea of crazy spandex (finally!) I have narrowed it down to 2 options:

Thoughts?!?!?! Actually might get both because for those who have done a relay- its nice to have clothes to change out of! 

5. Last but not least, to make my day extra complete, there was birthday cake! Before you ask, yes, I do monitor my sweets. Right now I'm doing all sugar, fruit, and starches before 2pm. Hard, but manageable and makes a HUGE difference  on the waistline :) 

Chicago race report coming soon! 


  1. I like the top crazy spandex. You could wear ANY color with that...

  2. i didn’t know this years triple crown has glitter!! i’ll be getting another one after savannah. good to know about the sweets thing after 2. maybe i will try that. everything in moderation!

  3. I like both pairs of spandex! Good choices!

  4. I am thinking of going for the Triple Crown next year. I've already picked out Seattle & registered for Portland ... thinking Chicago might be my 3rd.

    Those shorts are sooo awesome. Very hard to pick - but number one does give me major flash backs to 6th grade and LA Gear crop top t-shirts!