Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tangent Tuesday

1. Got to see my favorite Nashville band in concert last week- had a much needed night out with some great friends
Stephen and I enjoying the show

Ashley felt like a shorty b/n the two of us--- take a look at my knees- I had NO IDEA there was that big of a difference in the height b/n the 2. May be time to revisit chiropractor to get that adjusted out. 

Kopecky Family band

2. Spent the weekend with my Louisville crew for my friends wedding- reminded me how much I miss my dear old partner in crime Natalie.

3. Got to visit the Dave Ramsey show this afternoon as part of our Financial Peace class- it was awesome!
Outside his office

Dave on the air 

Wanted a photo opp with him in the background

Just love this face- someone asked a question while he was signing autographs

Group photo of my class
4. Got this email from our fleet feet in regards to Tennessee's tax free weekend coming up- for those who are unaware, every year there is one weekend in august where everything that can be considered 'back to school' is tax free (clothes, shoes, electronics, etc) 
I had just decided that I needed new running shoes, so this was PERFECT timing! 

TN Tax Free Weekend 
Shop TAX FREE This Friday & Saturday!   
Here's your chance to stick it to Uncle Sam and pick up some great products at Fleet Feet Sports! This Friday & Saturday, enjoy TAX FREE purchases on:
  • shoes
  • socks
  • sports bras & underwear
  • hats
  • all apparel
  • We'll even have a clearance apparel & footwear rack with INCREDIBLE discounts!
Per state law, your item must be $100 or less, but our primary concern is getting you in the appropriate gear. Is your favorite shoe the top of the line Mizuno Creation or Brooks Glycerin that costs more than $100? Not to worry - we'll discount your item to cover the tax! 

FYI: Friday & Saturday are our 2 busiest days of the year - we'll have EVERY employee on hand to help! If you know what you need, PLEASE call ahead today or tomorrow (615.373.1123) and we'll be happy to put your items on hold for pick up this weekend!  

Thats all the tangents for today!


  1. So jealous that you went to Dave Ramsey's studio. How cool!

  2. If I lived over there I know where I'd be this weekend! SHOPPING!!