Monday, August 1, 2011

Review of July and what to expect for August

So July had some ups and down, as anticipated, but nothing can be worse than June. My overall focus for July was to just get back into a routine- not break any records. I think I have a more solid base to build off from so I can finally start running the miles I would like for August. 

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Miles RanThe original goal was 60. After making my goal I looked back on mileage from last several months: April-56, May-61, June-25. I figured I'd do 50 just to play it safe because increasing my mileage by 40 miles from 1 month to the next (Dec -66,  Jan 105) caused me to develop ITBS. For once I played it smart. I ended with 52. I told myself if I ran smart and got 50 miles but didn't go too far over than my reward was a running skirt- opted for a Triathalon Skirt since they are cheaper and don't have anything built in so I can wear my own compression shorts underneath.

The winner:
Mums in bloom! 

Miles forAugust- Since I ended with 52, I would like to up it to 75, so by the time fall comes I can comfortably be over 100 miles without worrying about injury. You do NOT want to mess around with the IT band ;) 

P90X DVD workouts planned/completed:  I did p90x for a solid 2.5 weeks, but then noticed it was hard for me to do that AND running, so I put it on the back burner for the 2nd half of the month. 

August- Realistically I would like to do at least 2 workouts a week. I thoroughly enjoy shoulder & arms, legs and back, and ab ripper x (which luckily is done after both workouts anyway) If I have an extra day to do another workout, I will aim to attempt their yoga. 

Highest Mileage Week: 14. I missed my goal of 20 due to high temps forcing a lot of my runs to be b/n 3-4 miles. 

August- I'm going to aim for 20 again. 

Races planned/completed: 2/2. Both didn't go as well as anticipated.   My first 10k Race was hot and hilly which resulted in a time slower than I've ever ran the 10k portion of a 13.1 race. Second was my 18 / 50 state for half marathons, Pennsylvania. No hills, but high temps and digestive issues. No where close to a PR, but also not a PW either. 

August: Just 1 thus far- Rock n' roll Chicago- half marathon. I'd like to see if I could find another 10k so I can redeem myself, or some local race (as long as its not a 5k, just hate that distance) 

Long Runs Planned/Ran: 2/4. I told myself at the beginning of the month that anything over 6 miles I'd consider as long distance. Unfortunately only my 10k and half mary were over 6 miles. I did a couple of 5s, but just had such a hard time with the heat and humidity I didn't push for anything farther. 

August- I'll for sure have a 1/2 mary under my belt. 2 of the weekends its my turn to work a saturday, and have to be at work by 8am. On those days I'd like to get in AT LEAST a 6 miler prior to work since I'll be up early, and then find another time to get in a longer 8-10 mile run. I'm shooting for 4 again. 

Current Book(s):

The Long Run: (still working on it) Matt Long, an NY fire fighter / marathoner, overcomes recovery from a terrible bus accident and getting impaled by his bicycle to become an elite athlete once again. He has his own website too [here]

The Total Money Makeover: Dave Ramsey's guide to get out of debt, investing the wise way, retire comfortably... and when time comes for me, saving for my children's college education. I'm amazed at how much I'm actually learning, because these principles don't come easy for me. 

Current Obsessions:  Peanut butter, nutella, finding a comforter (I ruined mine in the washer- learning experience- so in the process of finding one that 'speaks to me' ) and as far as running- planning my fall schedule.  

Current Drink: Water. Every morning have my Gloria Jeans Keurig  coffee pod, occassional beer. 

Current Song (s):  Anything by Kopecky Family Band

Current Weight:  (I'll be excited to eliminate this category when its not on the forefront of my mind) So last month I put that I started the month at 162 and I wanted to get down to 155 by end of month... ALMOST. I got down to 156 for a few days, but I'm holding on strong at 157. So same wish is for end of August to be down 155. (if i get down further- no complaints from me) 

Current Wish- List: Need to get a flight to San Franciso for the Rock N Roll San Jose 1/2 in October. New comforter, new running shoes, 15-20lb weights. 

Current Dislike:  unbearable 'sticky' weather. Just once I would like a day that its either low 90s, or preferably in the 80s. 

Current Goal: Sub 2 hour for Chicago 1/2. Would like to do 1 treadmill burst training run a week. Consistent pace for runs. 
Current Excitement:
  RJs wedding this weekend, getting to explore Chicago in 2 weeks, get to see all California family for Labor Day. 


  1. I love that skirt! I have a few triathlon skirts but I just wear them over swimsuits. I'm not a huge fan of compression shorts.

  2. I have that skirt! It is so cute!

    I'm excited to hear how Chicago RnR goes. Two of my best friends just moved to Chicago and I want to visit, so I thought maybe I'd do that race next year!