Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Team Honey Badger!!!

I cannot express to you how excited I am right now. Last year I ran the TN Ragnar Relay, which was my first Ragnar / relay experience. Although this was before I got knee deep into running, I LOVE IT. You can read about it HERE and HERE (these were some of my FIRST blog posts, so apologize if its poorly written) 

I signed up a few months ago for the Vegas Ragnar Relay so I could run another relay with one of my best friends Scott and a few of the other guys that were on our team

The company I work for, Healthways, started and sponsors the TN Ragnar, so there is constant reminders that its coming up. I told myself that while I'm trying to complete a 1/2 in every state, I would limit my races to not do repeat races to save money.... and my legs. 

Well today at work is "Workout Wednesday" which means you can wear workout gear to work, in hopes you'll take advantage of walking outside, renting a bike out to go riding, or take advantage of some of the pilates or yoga classes offered. (Personally I don't do much during the day in summer, but it makes it convenient for running immediately following work)
Yay for new triathalon skirt!!! 
While in my Dave Ramsey class, one of the facilitators commented on 'Fleet Feet' and how the Nashville branch endorses the Financial Peace Program and makes all their employees go through it---thought that was kind of neat. Knowing that Healthways sponsors Ragnar, he started asking everyone who was participating. 

 A few weeks back I wrote about how one of the guys, Chris, told me there might be an opening on his team and asked if I was interested- originally I told him I had a back to back that weekend (Oklahoma and Texas- which has now fallen through) So the point of the story..... there are 3 of them on the same team in my class and they were discussing how they needed one more person- guess i'm that lucky person

So I said yes! 
  • No race entry since they won a free one
  • Being in Van 2 again means that we can drive to Chattanooga early Friday morning so we save on hotel! 
  • We have weekly meet ups after work to go running with one another- new friends to be made!
  • I don't know if this is a plus or minus, BUT right now our team average is 11 min / miles (what??) so this will be more of taking photos and really enjoying the run vs. racing the clock

Our team name.... Bad A** Honey Badgers
For those who may not have seen the you tube video- I took the liberty of including it below. 

I love making new running friends...( what blogger doesnt???) So I'm looking forward to meet people outside my department who all share the love of running!


  1. oh thats so cool! I love being a part of a relay too. Keep us posted on how it goes!

  2. That is awesome and I'm jealous! I've been wanting to put together a team to run a 200 mile relay like Ragnar but can't find enough people to commit. I'm not giving up!

    I'm looking forward to hearing more!

  3. Ahhhh, you're doing Ragnar?? I'm so jealous. you go girl!! Hope its awesome, and I love the idea of just doing it for fun.

    I've visited Brentwood's Fleet Feet and it is to die for! I had no idea that they made their employees go through Dave Ramsey's program. Maybe they should do it for their customers and I wouldn't spend so much there!!

  4. So cool! Some day I will do a relay. No idea when, but it seems like something worth trying. Blogger fun for sure!