Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tangent Thursday (bc sometimes, 3 isn't enough)

1. My new Triathalon skirt came in the mail on Monday and I went on my first run in it yesterday
Aside from it creeping up a little in the caboose (i wear compression shorts under so no flashing) it worked out great. The main difference b/n a triathalon skirt and a regular running skirt is that it doesn't have built in bloomers and there is a pocket on just one side of skirt vs. both. Considering I always wear shorts under skirts anyway+ the amount of money you save $42 tri skirt vs. $58 running makes it well worth only having 1 pocket. For races I use a spi belt anyway!

2. Yesterday's run was also the first "relaxed" run I've done since my Sunday Funday run with B back in January where time wasn't an issue and we just had fun taking pictures. Since joining a 'non competitive' Ragnar team for Tennessee Ragnar in November, I decided I need to start learning to relax and have fun. My first mile of my 5 mile run was 8:08... clearly I have a hard time relaxing, so I turned off my Garmin and broke out my camera to keep me occupied. I realized there isn't much excitement on my route to capture, but I did get these little guys
I tried to get my foot in the photo to show how close I was, but I failed. 
3. This week I've been experimenting with smoothies for breakfast as an easy way to get in protein  and keep me full.
Tuesday: Strawberry Smoothie (frozen strawberries, vanilla soymilk, banana, vanilla designer whey, ice)- failed to keep me full for very long
Wedenday: Green Smoothie (spinach, vanilla soymilk, vanilla designer whey, pineapple, banana) the recipe also called for mangos, but I didn't have a random mango around, plus- YIKES with all that sugar- super sweet, was hungry 1.5 hrs later. 
Thursday: Chocolate Peanut butter Smoothie
Vegan chocolate protein (hemp basically- high in omegas and I don't eat seafood, so thought I'd try it), chocolate soy milk, natural peanut butter, little bit of vanilla designer whey since the hemp protein was only 11g. I was determined to make this one good, so I ended up also adding some natural cocoa and cinnamon for flavor. The taste- excellent at first, but after taste of cereal?!?!? It might be the hemp protein, + natural peanut butter- I'll try it with another chocolate protein soon. The good news is that it kept me FULL. I sipped this from 9:30-10:30.... its 12:45 and I'm still satisfied- ding ding ding we may have a winner. 
what are some healthy smoothies that taste good and keep you full?!?!

4.  I'm working on how to be crafty. The other day I said I wanted to make my own bottle cap magnets similar to this:

So far I have 4- trial and error to learn how much polyurethane to use... so now I know for future. Excited to decorate my desk with my photos using my magnets!
Also this morning I decided to see if I could somehow figure out how to wear a $3 thrift store dress find while in Pennsylvania mom bought me. I should have take a 'before' photo of what it looked like but since I didn't I'll just say that it had sleeves to elbows and the neckline went literally to the base of the neck. Since the fabric was hard to work with, my cutting straight ability failed, but I think the end product (turning it into a skirt) ended up alright
fashionista in training. 

5. Yesterday I awoke with a comment from Jill @ Life...As I see it that I was one of the winners of her Moeben are sleeves giveaway. Yay!
Which brings me to closing up...
Have you entered my Pay It Forward giveaway yet? You can leave a comment HERE which automatically enters you. Deadline Mon 8/29! 


  1. I've always wanted to try to run in a skirt, but I feel like it would just annoy me. Gotta love a good deal though!

    Chocolate peanut butter smoothie sounds AMAZING right now!! Yumm yumm.

    Those bottle caps are crazy cute and super popular now too. You should start making runner themed ones and selling them! I see a fortune brewing.