Monday, August 8, 2011

Since I've been gone

Last week was hell week for me. If you're my facebook friend, you've probably been able to piece together what was going on. Aside from having an additional stressor to deal with, I was not able to run outside alone, for my own safety, and to be honest I had zero motivation to go to gym- thus no exercise.

Now that everything *seems* to be taken care of, I do plan on a few runs before the Chicago Rock n Roll this weekend.

In the mean time, since I've been away from blog land, there actually were a few positives!

  • we had our 'kid block' at work. Basically for a few hours all the employees can bring in their kids and we have a mini fair for them out front. Although I'm not a kid, I still had some enjoyment!

Yes that is cotton candy, and a balloon turtle bracelet on my hand!
  • 2 of my good friends threw me a belated birthday dinner, drinks, cake, and presents!!!

cake was lopsided!!

  • I got new running shoes + socks + gu for $100! It was tax free weekend here in TN. How it works is that any back to school items you pay zero tax on, as long as the item isn't over $100. You can spend over $100, just not on one particular item. The nice folks at fleet feet marked my shoes down, gave me free swiftwick wool socks ($17 value) and my gu!
  • The shoe itself is a Saucony Women's Grid Fastwitch STABILITY racing flat- didn't know they made racing flats with stability!!! (I need stability since my knees pronate in) I'm excited to try them out this week, and potentially for sunday's race- haven't decided yet.
  • My BEST FRIEND RJ got married on Saturday! The wedding itself was a small outdoor private ceremony- family and bridal party only, so I met up for the reception.
  • They went with a 20s theme- all guys wore bow ties, the brides dress was 20s inspired, old style cokes, lemonade, tea, decorations- it was precious. I've been slacking on my photo taking ability and only got 3 photos from the whole thing (i know i'm bad, so I took some from facebook)

Rjs parents, brother drew, bride Allison

had a band walk them over to reception

Groomsmen Brian and I with our props to take our photo for the guestbook


Every Saturday they have a huge dance at Centennial Park- FREE. Reception was right next to this. 
 after reception, drinking back at hotel. Can't believe hes married!

  • Finally finally finally found a bed spread that works for my room. I had a mishap with the washer and 'thinking it would fit" a few weeks back. I have literally gone everywhere to find something reasonably priced and that I actually liked. After at least a dozen trips and many purchases / returns later, I finally settled on this...
I promise my room DOES have decorations on wall, just not surrounding my bed.
  • Lastly the weekend was finalized with being able to lay out by the pool all day sunday and enjoying an excellent episode of True Blood!
  • Looking back, despite the week having a major toll on my emotions, there was actually a lot of good to come out of it!


  1. Love the wedding theme idea.

    When I was in college, I made my roommate a cake that looked just like that. I think your friend did a good job:)

  2. What a cool theme for a wedding! I like the comforter.

  3. Hope you're ok with whatever you were going through last week.
    RJ's wedding looks awesome!
    Are you going to the Tomato Festival this weekend?

  4. Jill- I'm running the Rock n' Roll Chicago this weekend, so I won't be at festival, but i'm in town the rest of the month, so keep me posted on more festivals!

  5. That looks like a lovely weekend. What a cute wedding dress the bride has on, too!

  6. Sorry you had a tough week, but what a great positive attitude! Hang in there and I'm sure all will work out :)