Friday, August 26, 2011

Fitness Friday- Shoe rotation

Rotating you shoes during training??!?! 
I've been told its beneficial if you do an evening run followed by a morning run, or 2 runs in 1 day due to the foam in your shoe not having enough time to bounce back to absorb all the shock. HOWEVER, if you have more than 24 hours between runs, that its not necessary. Some people like to have a few shoes so their foot can learn to adapt to different designs as well (or some I'm told)

What are your thoughts?!?!
I have 3 pairs of shoes:
I've had these since March, however due to poor training on my part, they only have 250 miles on them. They're a stability shoe and until recently I did everything but speedwork in them. Lately I've been noticing they were a little heavier than I would have liked, so I went to Fleet Feet and asked if they had a lighter stability shoe which brings me to. 

I've only ran about 5 runs in these. Although its offers some stability with the lightweight feel of a minimalist shoe, my knee has been bothering me (coincidence??) so I haven't done longer than a 5.5 mile run in them- tomorrow morning will be the test. If they work out, I'm looking forward to racing in them, if not, I can always go back to the trusty Guide 4,5,6,7 etc 

Got these for Christmas, but since it forces you to midstrike, I can't run over 6-7 miles in them without my calves hating me the next day. I save these shoes for speedwork or a quick 3-4 miles. These are perfect for when the weather cools down and I can go on a 3 miler during my lunch break. I'm amazed at how much faster I am in them. I'll be sad when they wear down, because @ $175 a pop, I will not be buying these again. 

So coming full circle: Even though I have 3 pairs of shoes, none of them are rotation shoes... yet. I love how I can trust my guides, I just wish they were lighter. I Love love love how lightweight the mirages are, but since they are for slight pronators, I'm scared they don't offer enough support and I'll revisit ITBS all over again. This brings me to my ultimate question I'm curious from you all:
If you do rotate shoes, do you buy 2 of the same pair to keep it consistent, or do you just buy two different shoes but with the same structure, i.e. in my case, stability shoes?!?!

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  1. When I find a shoe that I like I stick with it. So I would probably have the same kind of shoe, multiple pairs and rotate those. I am a huge fan of the Saucony pro grid. Following you from Fitness Friday!

  2. Thanks for following, I am following you too now! I rotate my shoes, I only have two pairs and they are the same shoe, no real science behind it for me I just like my Asics Kayanos.

  3. Hi! Found your blog though the link up!

    Right now I am rotating my shoes since I just bought some new ones and I want to make sure my feet adapt to them ok. If they do, I will probably buy another pair of the same shoe so that I can do more 2 a day runs (lunch and after work). :)

    I love your tutu in your picture at the top!

  4. I use the Asics, always have, and they work great for me. I only rotate them when one pair is new, to give that one a chance to break in. Otherwise I usually just use the heck out of one pair! Maybe that's bad?

  5. I can certainly see the value of having different types of shoes for your different runs. I have had 2 pairs of the same shoe going at one time, so that they could completely dry out before I used them again.

    Coming from The Fitness Friday Blog Hop.

  6. hmmm good question. I have 3 pair of shoes. 2 are the same pair (saucony)and one is asics. I do not rotate them regularly per se but I do try to NOT wear the same pair 2 runs in a row. 1 pair tends to be more LR. One moderate but maybe more speedwork and 1 for easy runs. Happy Friday!

  7. I have probably a half dozen pairs of half worn shoes. I don't rotate for running although I wear different shoes to my TKB classes.

  8. Saucony is an awesome brand! 2nd one for sure...looks like it would have awesome traction!

  9. I hate looking for shoes - so if you find a good pair - please do share! Thank you for posting my give-away on my blog! Following from FF! New follower

  10. I have two pairs on Asics GEL Cumulus shoes and I rotate between the two of them. One pair, I purchased last November and one pair this past June!

  11. i have newtons and don’t use them. same issues as you. i should use them for speed work and lighter runs but i don’t. and i only have 1 pair of my brooks. i don’t rotate. :) but i don’t often run back to back anymore with the RLRF program. I have been cross training more.

  12. I've never rotated my shoes but after reading the first paragraph maybe I should. Oh and I love Saucony!

    I really want to try the Newton but can't seem to get passed the price tag.

    Thanks for linking up!

  13. I have never rotated shoes like you - but maybe I should. I've just got to justify the cost to begin with.

    And, I really would like to try the Newtons... maybe someday...