Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Why having a PT as your roommate is AWESOME

So end of July I went to a music show with a few friends and the next day after reviewing the photos I noticed something...

Do you see anything wrong with me?!?!?

Close up-

Look at how uneven my knees are! Back in February the chiro told me I had 'short leg syndrome' and my left leg was longer than my right, but with regular adjustments it could be fixed. After a solid month of chiro + 2 months of 'taking it easy' with running, I felt fine / 'normal' aka my right knee no longer made its presence WELL known while running. 

Fast forward to yesterday. I decided to do my first run in my new shoes: Saucony Mirage

Although its a lightweight shoe, its still a stability shoe. It was too hot to run outside, so the plan was to run for 40 minutes on the treadmill- my right knee started bothering me + my quads were tight so I cut it down to 30 min. 

All day today my right knee was feeling slightly tender, but I wanted to get a longer run in, so I decided to do 5 miles in my normal saucony guides- although it was manageable, I definitely noticed my right knee being a little more 'sensitive'- PLEASE don't let it be my IT Band again. 

Get home and decided to seek the advice of my roommate. 

Meet Adam- my wonderful, easy going, physical therapist roommate. (and his niece) 

I had him take a look at my legs and in literally 5 minutes I found out the following:
My left tibia is about 1/3 of an inch longer than my right, and somewhere from beginning of my femur to my hip is also longer (he couldn't pin point without doing a bunch of tests) thus my left leg itself is about 1/2 an inch longer than the right, which is why the right leg / knee/ it band gets messed up since it has farther to 'come down' on the pavement with every stride I take. 

Then we have my hips- ah my hips. Left hip is higher than right and after doing a few simple tests he found that my trunk compensates for the height difference, thus what is causing some of my back pain I experience DURING the run. 

So the potential solution?!?!

He recommended I check out Fleet Feet to see if they have a slight running lift to even out my legs.

Has anyone ever used these or know someone who has had success with a lift suitable for running?!?!

So why the pain now?!?! Basically when I run on the treadmill, I go much faster than my normal ability- aka around a 7:30 min/mile once warmed up- this allows me to really open up my stride and focus on my form. What it also means is that there is more 'bouncing'  and 'pounding' than normal which puts extra stress on legs- hence why it started acting up last night and was still tender today. 

To make me feel better, Adam got out his massage table and gave me a deep IT Band and  around the knee massage- IT.WAS.AMAZING! I told him I would cook him dinner all week if he did this for me once a week... we're working out an agreement. 

Dealing with IT band this winter was enough of a lesson to not want to have to go through that again, so I will be resting until Chicago Rock n Roll 1/2 on Sunday. 

Please send happy INJURY FREE thoughts my way! 


  1. TONS of happy and positive thoughts coming your way!!! What a perfect roommate!! :)

  2. Lots of pain free thoughts coming your way!!! What a valuable roomie!

  3. wow! very interesting. and how lucky you are to have found this roommate :) good luck this weekend! i ran it last year-it was insanely hot so be safe!