Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Travel Edition

okay so maybe this post is a bit wordy...
Travel Zoo- Ever heard of it?!?! If not, I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. For those fellow runners that like to do destination races here and there, this site is extremely beneficial. Every Wednesday they release what is called their Top 20  deals- this could be cheap air fare, hotels, restaurants, getaway weekends... my favorite option- european cheap travel!!! (I'm in process to see if I can find a race in Italy so I can stay with my friend while hes stationed there) 

I live in Nashville, so when there is a deal that is directly related to me, it sends me link. A few weeks back they were doing round trip air fare from Nashville to San Diego for $147... AFTER taxes. Unfortunately I was still new to travel zoo and although the air fare was good all the way through November travel, you had to purchase it within a week. I procrastinated and when I decided to buy, that deal was sold out. 

Although the top 20 deals released today weren't as appealing, the 'airfare' option was. It just so happens I'm running the San Jose Rock n Roll in October, and my uncle said I could fly into San Fran and he would pick me up. Originally when I looked at prices it was in the high $300s, now I can go after taxes for $285! I know I know, its not that great, but flying across the country isn't cheap. If your city is a 'featured' city, its MUCH cheaper than 285, but sadly Nashville wasn't so its slightly discounted. 

Hope you all can find some great travel deals out there! 

For all my PNW followers- they always have amazing flight deals leaving from that area. 


  1. I've been getting emails from that site for years although I don't think I have ever actually booked through it. I haven't booked travel in a long time.

  2. How have I never even heard of Travel Zoo?? I always want to travel and although I only fly 3 times a year, I am pretty much always looking for tickets. I'll have to investigate this one!