Monday, November 21, 2011

1 week off and back in saddle

I haven't been doing much blogging because I haven't actually been doing much running. No I'm not injured like some of my fellow bloggers, its more just figuring out my schedule
Last week I started my new schedule at work. Although getting off at 4 is great, it really tests my discipline, or lack thereof, for running. It used to be I eat lunch at my desk and then use my actual lunch break somewhere around 3-4 pm to go for a run.  Now after taking over Bs schedule in addition to mine, I have zero time, let alone a whole hour, to take off and go for a run. After work does seem the most logical since its the same time I was going before, but alas the laziness "i just want to get home" bug gets me every time. I did go for a run today though, first run since last Monday- doesn't solve my work issue considering I'm back home in Ohio and have all this free time.
My run today was 4.5 miles all over the neighborhood I grew up in. It's tricky trying to run long distances in the area unless I go to a park- which since my car is being serviced, isn't an option till Wednesday. Since I haven't run in a week I was worried it would affect my legs, breathing, or speed- happy to report I felt great! Despite the low 40s and rain drizzle, still wore a skirt, and for a little warmth- cotton t-shirt (yes I know, cotton is rotten). 
Highlights of the run:
  • Shortly after 1 mile into my run, something happened that I'm both embarrassed, annoyed, and ecstatic about! My skirt fell down to my mid quads for a few brief seconds. 
    • Embarrassed: Since it had built in shorts, I didn't wear underwear (luckily no one was around I hope to witness it) First time I "flashed" anyone if they were. 
    • Annoyed: the whole run it kept sliding down and every min or so I had to pull it up
    • Ecstatic: this isn't a new skirt- I've worn it countless times and this is the first time I've had issues. Guess that's one of the "negatives" of losing weight / inches!!

before Mississippi Blues 1/2 Mary 

    • Obviously when it comes to weight loss, numbers on the scale can be extremely misleading, but when clothes start fitting different, thats something for me to get giddy about! 
  • The longer I was out there, the heavier my shirt was feeling, again why I never wear cotton. I told myself that the last 1/2 mile I would take off my shirt and run in my sports bra. This has been one of my non time related running goals for awhile "to feel comfortable just running in my sports bra and bottoms". Happy to report, I did feel comfortable, but more importantly I didn't feel like everything was jiggling (which has been my biggest fear) The icing on the cake was about 15 min after my run one of my hs girl friends came over and I was still in sports bra and skirt- she said she wished her stomach was still flat!! Nice ego boost for the day :) 
  • Last highlight of the run was my total time. 4.5 miles in 36:28- 8:06 pace. I didn't feel like I was going that fast, however I assume my legs were super fresh for having a week off + cold weather naturally makes me go faster, woo hoo. 
Plan for the week is to get in a run everyday- hopefully 1 with my brother, 1 with my friend Kory, and maybe the Turkey Trot. My last post from 3 things thursday HERE  talked about potentially bandit running the Turkey Trot since its sold out. Obviously you can see all the negative comments I had about it + I got a few nasty private emails about the topic, so I figured I'd explain a little. 

I DON'T condone bandit running if you're just trying to save on registration. The one time I did it was because the race was sold out, my brother wanted me to pace him for his first 1/2 marathon, and a few people had commented on the race's facebook page that they were injured and unable to run. With the Turkey Trot coming up  there are no medals, no awards, so I'm not taking anything away from one other person, hence why I'm debating on doing it just to see how my time compares to last year + catch up with several friends that are doing it. Jury is still out on what I decide, but I can assure you that if I do run on thursday, it won't be 'to get a deal' or to 'stick it to the race directors' as some people had suggested.

Ending on a happy note- I got to see Breaking Dawn Twice since it came out. 

Saturday with my gf Jenna in Louisville, then last night with my mom back here in Dayton, Oh. I was thoroughly impressed with both the music, and the transformation they made on Bella for her pregnancy transformation. Some people have their little quirks, mine  is that I'm a Twilight Fan (team Edward all the way) 


  1. I LOVE that you are being honest about the bandit running! Truly respectable and totally understandable :) I saw BD twice too with my daughter for her birthday. I really enjoyed it too but come on .. Jacob was sooo hot in this one :) (I so could go to jail for that comment!)

  2. omg about the skirt. i would die. but good news for the weight loss! waiting on a girlfriend to get back in town next week to see breaking dawn. wow to the nasty comments. i’ll leave it at that.

  3. hahahaa... that is an awesome running story, woohoo weight loss! :) (i say as i stuff my face with candy cane kisses.) like i said on your other post about this, i once ran under someone else's bib #.. she was injured and trying to get rid of it, so i couldn't turn down the offer. i felt so guilty and nervous the whole time though, i don't think i'd ever do that again. and i'd def be too scared to bandit, although you won't be getting in emails from me if you do it hah

  4. I still am uncomfortable about running in a bra. I have a skirt that slides down too (mainly the athletic style Running Skirts). Luckily, I only have 2 of them, but they don't get worn that often. Totally annoying.

  5. haha flasher.
    I love the new background. bandit or not - whatever. I don't judge. run on girl. have a great thanksgiving!

  6. OMG...the embarrassing skirt is hilarious! Scales can be misleading. I know that and yet I still step on the scale and become discouraged. I need to change my thinking to clothing fit and size and not the numbers on a scale.

    I'm going to see Breaking Dawn this weekend. Definitely Team Edward :)

  7. OMG, the skirt story is funny but I can imagine it wasn't that funny when it happened.

    In regards to the Turkey Trot: Is it possible you get the bib from an injured runner? Or maybe you can email the organizer and explain why you would like to run, I can not imagine they would say no, since it is a small race.

  8. That skirt debacle is hilarious! And what an ego boost from your friend in the park. I run in sports bra at home on the TM (one less shirt to wash) but I'd love to be confident enough to try that outside! Next summer in GA heat I may consider...
    About the bandit running - I'm sure no one thinks less of you either way, just personal preferences!

  9. Ahh, fun to read. I actually liked the new Twilight movie... thought maybe I wouldn't because I was disappointed with the others but they did an okay job. I admit that I read all four books. :) Hunger Games is better though...have you read those? Well, just different. So funny about your skirt! Congrats on the weight loss and have you gotten faster since I've been here last? I have some catching up to do but NICE 4.5 mile run. This is faster than what my typical run is these days. 2012 is going to be a great running year for you ...I can feel it!

  10. too funny about your skirt!!! yeah for losing weight!

    i thought twilight was way better than the others also, bella was scary skinny at the end!

  11. yeahhhhhh for gettin fit and losing weight! i bet that was definitely all 3 of those feelings but i am sure the last one feels so good :) enjoy your week sweet friend!

  12. I went and saw that movie the night it came out! I loved it and I'm on Team Edward too. That smile is just very inviting. I don't blame her!

    You're right about weight. The way your clothes fit tell a better story.

  13. HAHA my skirt fell off on my run the other day too!! Luckily I had tights on underneath, but i had to keep tugging it up the whole run. annoying!