Friday, November 11, 2011

Fitness Friday- What do you get from your running

I used to constantly get the question from others: Why do you run? or Why are you trying to do a half in each state? I didn't have a great reason so my response was always just "Because I CAN"- hence the blog name.
After thinking about it, there are so many great benefits I've had over the last year by getting back to running that weren't even a factor for why I started

The obvious:

  • The 'no brainer' with running is getting in shape. My weight varies about 3lbs in general, but overall I've lost a solid 10lbs, went down 1 waist size, (us tall people don't always buy pants buy standard size 8 or 10, but more xx waist by xx inseam) and finally got the tone back in my legs. 
  • Fills up my free time with something productive. 
  • Gives me a direction with my running- have goals, races, competition, having fun. 
What I didn't expect

Re-connection with old friends
  • A lot of my high school friends that I have lost touch with over the years came out of the wood work. Although there is more than one, I'll just highlight Heidi. She's a fellow cross country and track friend, and she decided to join me and B for our New Orleans 1/2, as well as the Go! St Louis 1/2. We had so much fun in St. Louis that we decided to stay there the next weekend once we completed our Kansas Wickedly Fast 1/2. Her and I are now in talks of going to race in New York to see one of our fellow track mates, Toya. Prior to our re-connection, we probably hadn't talk in maybe 3 or 4 years?
Me, Heidi, Becca after New Orleans

Heidi, me, Becca after Go! St Louis

Involvement of my family!
  • My parents have been to 6 of my races (and only 1 of the 6 were in my hometown)- feels like highschool all over again having them on different parts of the course cheering me on!
  • I've had to opportunity to see more family members- Stayed with my aunt & uncle in Indianapolis for my Indy race, as well as a pit stop to RnR Chicago. For the Indy race my mom decided to tag along and convinced my aunt to walk the 5k with her. They used to do so many charity walks over the years and stopped for various reasons- it was good to see them complete another race.
Aunt Susie & Mom 

  • I also got to visit my family that lives in San Jose for the RnR San Jose 1/2- I haven't been out to California since 2005, so it was a treat to catch up and spend some quality time with them
 Uncle Ted, Bryan, Me- enjoying Fischer Beer (my mom's side's last name) 
 Aunt Nancy and I at San Francisco's Oktoberfest

Bryan's adorable twin daughters- Alexis and Brooklyn 

  • Probably the most rewarding aspect of drawing me closer to family is watching my brother Eric progress as a runner. He started out last summer just doing 5ks, then last year he raced the Turkey Trot 5 miler with me-- shortly after, he caught 'the bug' and told me I had inspired him to run his first ever half marathon!! Me?!?! His baby sister inspired him?!?! What a huge honor. 1 month prior to his race I decided it would be a treat to run alongside and pace / motivate him during the Air Force 1/2- it was such a rewarding and proud moment for myself to see how far he had come. I only wish my other brother, Andy, didn't have ACL repair in both knees so that he too could  could join us in our running adventures 
After the air force 1/2 

Gaining confidence in myself ( I could literally write a 5 pager on this one) 
  • I've always had a slight self-confidence issue- maybe its because I've been taller than everyone my whole life? Maybe its because I feel that I have some 'defect' since I've literally been single pretty much all my dating years? Maybe it's because I'm shy until the ice is broken? Regardless of the reason- its always nagged at me how I put myself down. This past year I've had the ability to break down a lot of those mental barriers that puts doubt in my head and instead have risen to not let the small stuff screw with my mind. 
  • I've developed a passion for doing whats best for ME. For a long time I put other's happiness before my own- some may think that is noble, but I'm here to say that its STUPID (unless I'm a mother, which I"m not) If I don't take care of me, who will? Too often I talk with clients who are NOT AT ALL the driver in their own life and let everything else get taken care of before they even remotely take time for themselves. Running has renewed my sense of self worth and reminds me that I only have one body, one life, so there is no sense in neglecting it. 
  • Since I'm finally starting to see more improvement in my running abilities, it has given me confidence to pursue other avenues of my life I always wanted to but doubted myself (more on that later) 
  • Lastly and probably most importantly- Running has given me a great sense of self-reflection and introspection. I think its extremely important and beneficial to 'check in' with yourself every so often and ask yourself:
    • Am I truly happy? If not, what can I do to make myself happy?
    • Is there something I am truly passionate about right now?
    • Am I living up to my potential in XYZ?
    • Can I work harder at XYZ than I'm currently doing right now?
    • How is my mindset right now?
    • so on and so on. 

See here is just a glimpse of how running has improved my life outside of my physical health. I'd love to hear from you all

How has running made a positive impact on your life???

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  1. what a fantastic post! seriously it brought tears to my eyes that you paced with your brother. I'm not a "runner" by any means but my brother got me to run my first 5k and he ran as slow as I did to motivate me the whole way!!!

  2. Great post! I don't think I could even begin to list what running has given me, and is STILL giving me at 41 years old! An identity away from being "mom", a social outlet, connection with old and new friends, a new found confidence in my ability to take on a goal and achieve it...I could go on and on and on. Running makes my life better in every way.

  3. love this post! Made me smile and helps me again, realize that I am NOT alone. So many of us out there push ourselves and by you pushing, it somehow motivates me-in blogland!!! crazy!

    thought I already followed you, but guess I AM!!

  4. I love this post. Hopefully it will give non-runners an understanding of why we do what we do and how they could benefit. Running calms me, gives me energy, helps me be patient, makes me strong and confident, the list goes on and on.

  5. I love these! Before becoming a mom, running was a competitive outlet for me that I missed from college. After my daughter, it is far more than that! It has shown me that I am capable of more than I thought...given me confidence...renewed my belief in myself...oh yeah and the weight thing!

  6. love this. our lists are very much the same. my sis and bro in law are now running. i have found old friends from high school through blogging and running. i have WAY more self confidence than i did before i started running and its given me a way to focus on myself and not the things that “aren’t” happening (marriage, kids, etc) that others feel “should be” at my age.

  7. I'm with you on the confidence issue. I'm still hanging on to baby weight and whenever it starts to bother me or bring me down, I think about how strong I am. It's a great feeling.

  8. go you!! I really enjoyed reading this!

  9. great post!! the mental benefits of running are the greatest to me! but all of your reconnections with family and friends are pretty great too!!

  10. This is awesome Lisa! I see a benefits of running post in my blogging future. The first one that come to mind is self confidence. Like you said, I could seriously write pages on this alone. Running has lead me to becoming the person I feel like I was meant to be.

    Friends old and new, family time, unimaginable joy, and the weight thing many benefits.

  11. What a wonderful post! And Alexis and Brooklyn ARE toooooo cute!

    Knowing that my body can work again is the ultimate in positive for me :)