Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three things Thursday

1. In case you didn't get the memo...
Tomorrow the Rock and Roll series is offering $20 off all their races from 11am-11pm PST. I'm registering for Arizona, Seattle, and MAYBE Dallas- its a toss up b/n that race or if I can get B to do the Live Strong 1/2 in Austin- then I could also meet KIM since she said she is planning on doing it.

2. Have you heard of the twinkie diet?!? No?!?!
Check out the article HERE
Basically its a professor that did an experiment. For 10 weeks he ate basically crap for all his meals- twinkies, cookies, little debbies, doritos etc. Because he just did a few of them per meal, he went from doing 2600 cal to 1800 cal a day. He lost 27lbs, dropped BF%, and ALL his cholesterol numbers drastically improved. Crazy right? Don't get the wrong idea. It was mainly to show that its all about calorie input vs calorie output AND what measures being healthy? By looking soley at all his numbers, one would assume that he is MORE healthier now than before (which obviously he is not) Even though he was hesitant to state it directly in the article, it can be attributed to that majority of "numbers" are related to weight- lose the weight, improve the numbers.

What do YOU think makes you healthy?!?!

3. I think a lot of times we focus on our running that we lose sight of other areas of our health that may be lacking that same amount of dedication or passion. I have ALWAYS wanted to be crafty. About 1 month ago I started following Roadkill rescue. The premise of this blog is that everyday it features someones 'junk' that they found and how they transformed it into a unique treasure. I seriously look forward to reading this everyday to see if I can find inspiration. I FINALLY finished a project I had been thinking about for quite some time and coming from a non-creative mind like myself, this is HUGE :)

I was bad and forgot to do a before photo which I understand is 1/2 the fun. The chair was that blah boring blonde wood and the seat was a dingy stained cream woven fabric. 
It's amazing what a can of paint and fabric can do!

Chair I've had since May- goodwill find $7
1 yard of clearance fabric @ JoAnns     $3
Originally tried spray paint, didn't work  $7
Had to go to Home Depot for paint (mint majesty) did 1 quart of primer + color... I should have got the itty bitty cans, but now I know for next time $15
Paintbrush I had was bristle which sucks so I bought a new one $6.
Grand Total -     $38, not too bad + I have leftover paint, fabric and the paint brush 
If I didn't get the spray paint or bought the right size paint the grand total would be $20. Now I know :) 

do you have anything fun and crafty you made?!!?


  1. i wish i was more crafty. i always have the intention to be, but i am not. i get my mom to do it for me. sad. and i even have a sewing machine. i would rather run :):)

  2. I'm definitely crafty, but my husband is so I'm trying to take tips from him! I remember reading about that Twinkie diet when the professor first did it. I remember thinking that yes, you can get skinny by eating a low calorie diet, but you won't be happy, have more energy or be athletic!

  3. Um, I am already signed up for Seattle and have the hotel reserved. I am so in!! So excited for you to get your Washington race done and to be there for it with you.

    I am not crafty. period. the end.

  4. My craftiness is photography and scrapbooking. For a while I tried distressing furniture and old is new again projects but never really got into it. Photography is my other passion!

    Fewer calories? Sure you lose weight but nothing but what and how you eat should be based on more than overall health and well being. Maybe?

  5. 1st ... I would LOVE to go for some junk food diet. Sign me up!

    My latest crafty whim is running heabands. So far, so good. I only used the sewing machine for about 3 seconds. I want to try making a band all by myself and see how it goes. So far I just trip the ribbons to the right length and my mom is sewing. Neither of us really know how to sew. It is obvious.

    I love your chair! I've been wanting to do that same thing to my four dining room chairs, but I just haven't even thought of actually starting.