Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday

  1. This week marked the first week with my brand new work schedule!! 2 years ago I started out 1-9:30pm, then after 6 months I got an upgrade to 10-7pm, and finally I hit the cream of the crop.... 7:30-4! This opens so many doors for me, including workouts. The roommate and I decided that at least 1x a week (i'm trying to convince him to up that number) we'll do p90x together first thing after work.  Last night was day 1- Shoulders and arms
This is us after getting our 'swoll' on

2. Man I am  SO AMAZING at procrastination. I went online last night to sign up for this bad boy 

and wouldn't you know it that its SOLD OUT! 5 mile capped out at 7,000 runners- bah.  Not only did I not do it in time, but my brother didn't register either. I suggested to him that we run bandit since they don't give out medals or anything anyway..... he's still processing the idea. (come on Eric, you know you want to?)

Have you ever run a race bandit? (if you don't know what that is, then the answer is most likely no)
I actually ran the Air Force 1/2 marathon bandit style to pace my brother (again they were sold out--- oops!)


  Jill C is hosting a 12 half marathons in 2012 challenge. For those of you who agree to at least complete 12 half mary(s) over the course of 2012 you  will be supplied with goodies from ifitness, chica bands, and other companies that are still in the works. How easy is that?!?! Obviously for more (and detailed) instructions, hop on over to Jill's blog to contact her about how it will all work. Seriously though- who doesn't like free stuff?!?!


  1. 7:30 to 4 has to be the best full time work schedule. Congratulations!

  2. Awesome news about the upgraded work schedule, that's awesome! Honestly, I'm pretty anti-bandit running, especially because most races end up giving portions to charity.

  3. yay on the new work schedule. And never been a bandit. too much of a rules girl :):) but i see your point on the no perks race, so why not? shouldn’t matter if they aren’t giving anything away after.

  4. 1. Awesome work schedule. I had that for 7 years and it was glorious. I didn't feel like I wasted my whole day at work.
    2. No, I have never run a race bandit. I never would.
    3. I am off to check out Jill's blog... of COURSE I'll run 12 in 2012...

  5. I've never bandited a race but always see at least a few in every race. Congrats on the new schedule! I tried to register for the TT in Miamisburg. Couldn't believe it was sold out. Guess it's downtown Cincinnati for me on Thanksgiving morning. It will still be fun and that will mean I'm recovered and back to running!

    Congrats on the fab schedule. Love it when life works out that way.

    Thanks for the 12 in 2012 mention!

  6. ohhhh! the 12 race thing sounds awesome! and i am loving your new work schedule and workout goals!!!! yeah!

  7. JEALOUS of your work schedule!! Enjoy and & Have fun :)

  8. oh that sucks about the turkey trot! i've never bandited a race, but i've probably done what most people consider worse - run under someone else's bib.

  9. I've never bandited a race either. If I run a race, I want my time to count!

  10. I've never run a race bandit but I have once switched from a shorter distance to longer. I didn't feel to bad changing at the last minute because I paid $99. Anyway, sweet on the new schedule! Two tickets to the gun show!

  11. boo that you didnt make it in on time, i am one of those people who hasnt bandited but I see no reason why not if you aren't benefiting from it. we have three or four trots in the area so we have a few to choose from.

    i wish i could do 12 halfs but my goodness that would be one costly running year!!

  12. This Blog is going places, the people, the layout, amazing to see such dedication and focus.