Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday's Tangents in photos

First off I had 2 events pass by me completely unnoticed the last few weeks:

  • I hit my 1 year blog anniversary October 25th- and here I am 2 weeks later just now realizing this missed occasion. It's been a whirlwind year of successes, failures, and most importantly..... lessons learned. Thanks to all who've shared in my journey and brought me to where I am today. 
  • Can anyone guess what this photo from HIMYM is from???  If you answered : the gang sitting in the waiting room of the garage to see if Marshall's fiero is going to make it, you are correct.  So how is this relevant??? My Toyota Camry recently hit the big 200,000 miles and I didnt' even realize it! I happen to look down the other day and see 200,084 --- I missed my Marshall moment. 
  • Lastly: I'm still struggling with my race schedule for 2012. Since the Rock n Roll series is honoring the $20 discount for 11-11-11, I decided on Friday I'm signing up for 2 . I know that I'm racing MUCH MORE than whats below, but for now, I'm excited to at least have 4 down in the books. These are my DEFINITES to block off 

Running this one with our all female all blogger relay! 

Team Trunk Monkey had so much fun this weekend, HEREwe decided to do another relay together!

Because I knocked out 23 states in my first year, I have less options to choose from, which means more money on flights and travel expenses. To keep cost low I only plan on traveling for 1 race in Jan, Feb, and probably march before hitting the big months, April and May hard. 

Anyone going to be at these  4?

If you click on the tab at the top titled "states completed"- all the blanks ones I still need to race.... any suggestions for those?!?!


  1. ohhhh fun! the seattle one is so appealing to me but i know i will need to be saving money around the time since I will potentially be moving. i am excited to see what your schedule turns out to be though :) happy 1 year blogiversary!

  2. Happy blogiversary!!! Thanks for the heads up on this! I'm thinking of doing the Providence one! Although the Vegas one is on my birthday....VERY tempting!

  3. Ooh, I will see you in Seattle!!!

  4. I love HIMYM, so I knew that screencap right away, ha! I will definitely be in Colorado, of course! I'm considering signing up for a Rock n Roll race - that discount is calling to me!

  5. I recommend any race on my 2012 calendar :)

    I'm trying to work out a trip to Arizona for the Rock n Roll 1/2!

  6. ummmm yea. i knew exactly where that HIMYM scene was from before reading a word of your description haha.

    i would LOVE to run seattle again next year, since that race will be special to me as my first marathon and my best friend lives there... but sigh, gotta conquer some different races before i head back there! yay for colorado!

    looks like you still have texas and virginia on your to do list.. you need to let me know when you get races for those states if you need a traveling buddy haha

  7. My friend Ed did the Bourbon chase this year - he LOVED it! Looks like you've got some fun coming up for you!

  8. I'll see you in Arizona and Seattle. Bummed I'll miss Ragnar...

  9. Come to Utah! There's SLC 1/2 in April, Moab 1/2 in March (but it's a lottery), Utah Valley in June, and lots in the fall! :)

    and I'm SO excited for the CO Ragnar! :)

  10. I will be at the Seattle RnR!