Thursday, November 3, 2011

Three + 1 Things Thursday

1. The combination of weather being perfect (60s) + now having more available time at work I'm getting back to doing more lunch runs while at work. This week I did two 4 mile runs (tues & wed) and both were the fastest I've run for a training run since high school!!!!!
Tuesday        = 3.9 miles in   30.28---- 7:48 pace
Wednesday   = 4.02 miles in 30.20---- 7:32 pace
I seriously was like a fat kid in a candy shop after both of these- excited beyond belief that I haven't lost all my speed :)

2. For all my beer lovers out there- this is for you:

There is nothing more exciting / delicious than trying out seasonal based beers. Obviously with fall comes  the ever so famous pumpkin beer, and now we're slowly approaching the winter beers. Last year during a trip to Louisville I had tried Shiner Holiday Cheer on my way home for was one of the most unique and delicious beers I've tasted! Without going into overkill on the description- undertones of peaches and pecans, YUM.  I immediately wanted to purchase some of my own, however, I couldn't find any in the stores in  Louisville, when I got home to Ohio, or when I returned back to Nashville. Shiner is a popular beer so I was frustrated that no one could point me in the right direction. Fast Forward to Tuesday when I went to the grocery store, Publix, for some Ragnar supplies.
A beacon of light shone down upon the 6-pack----oh my! I grabbed it and raced home. I told my roommate to prepare for getting his mind blown. He laughed, but actually shared my enthusiasm :) If you haven't tried this beer, try it and you can thank me later!

3. Tomorrow I meet up early with Van 2 to drive to Jasper, TN for my second go round at the Tennessee Ragnar. Last year I was runner 12, which actually has the easiest legs (at least for van 2). This year I'm runner 10, and I may potentially switch my last leg with Jill depending on how she feels. Since she still has to run the St. Jude Marathon, she does have to save her legs. 
Here's a look at mine:
Leg 1: 6.6 HARD
Leg 2: 4.1 miles EASY (whew bc it is PITCH black in the sticks on TN)
Leg 3- two options My leg is 6.4 miles  HARD
OR if Jill and I switch...
8.9 miles VERY HARD

Tennessee is hilly and I remember these legs from last year, as usual the elevation charts don't do it justice. I'm torn between if I want to race my legs OR take it easy since my team is all about having fun and not caring about my time.... complete switch from Vegas a few weeks back (we had fun, but they were super competitive) 

4. Just got an email that our official Ragnar Photo is up.... I may actually purchase this one!!! (have to click on it unfortunately) 


  1. Good luck & and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

  2. I'm loving the weather too! Makes for such nice runs.

    Good luck in Tennessee. You're going to do great and I'm sure have a blast! I'd definitely buy the photo if I were you.

  3. Have a great time. I'll admit though, I'm looking at those elevation charts and thinking seriously? Look at the ones PA had and you'll see why...haha!!

  4. good luck with the ragnar! have so much fun and take lots of pictures please :)

  5. wohoo, have fun!! ragnars are so neat with the right group of people!

  6. This post made me smile. Not because of the running stuff but because of the beer. That is exactly the way I felt about Schlafly's Oktoberfest this year. A friend brought some to a fantasy football draft, I tried one and fell in love. Ran to the store and bought 2 cases for the hubs and I to have during the winter. Yep, they were gone in about a month:)

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    april@Party of Five

  7. Yes, you need that photo! That is frame worthy for sure!!