Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November was a wash

November was ridiculous... I didn't reach a single goal...
Thats right Mr. Polar bear, HUGE disappointment. 

Miles for November- I'm now comfortable with finally entering the 100 miles a month which was my original intention for 2011- Since I have no 1/2 mary(s) planned that means I'm really going to have to buckle down and plan my runs out- no more 'fly by the seat of my pants run when I want to' 
Actual- 58- pretty much about 1/2 of what was planned. 
December- I need a bare minimum of 56 miles to break into 700 miles for the year (far cry from my original goal of 1,000- stupid ITBS set back)- anything after 56 is bonus. 

Cross Training: Now that its pitch black when I get off work, I'll be going to the gym more. I think its realistic to say 1 day a week is devoted to non-running workouts. 
Actual: Well work shift changed so its no longer dark when I get off so I don't have the greatest desire to go to gym. I managed one p90x "shoulder & arms" with the roommate, and 1 bootcamp with work colleagues. 2 whole cross training workouts in 1 month, bah!
December: I already talked with the roommate about having 1 day a week to do a p90x workout together, AND I talked with B about 1 day a week doing a class at the gym together after work- soooo this all kicks off next week  which means I should have at least 6 cross training days before I leave for Christmas vacation.
Highest Mileage Week for November-  I'm going to aim to have 1 30 week- which means I'll have to do a LONG run on weekend or make myself run more during the week. 
Actual- 25
December: no goal on this one, feels kind of nice.

November Races: As of right now, just 2. It will be my 2nd time running both the TN Ragnar Relay, as well as the Turkey Trot 5 miler back home in Dayton.
Actual- Only did the TN Relay. It actually went way better than anticipated and was shocked by my times. Report HERE. Since Turkey Trot was sold out before I was able to register, I decided not to run it. 
December- Keeping up with the theme of repeat races, I'll be doing the Rudolph 5k this Friday again with B to kick off our Christmas parade. 
Last year before race.
Current Book: Hunger Games- I finally finished the first book, am into the 2nd, and will get the 3rd from my brother next time I'm home. Open to suggestions for another series or good books for the new year (need to be entertained on planes!)

Current Obsessions: Figuring out what to get the rest of the family for Christmas and crossing them off my list. THIS MEANS YOU MAMA and PAPA J! 

Current Drink: Water and Pumpkin Spice or Butter Toffee K-cups In January I'm going to finally bit the bullet and get Shakeology! 

Current Weight: Proud to say I'm the same weight today as when I wrote November's goal- 158lbs. As an added bonus, "that time" should be coming in the next day or so, which means I'm generally 1-3lbs heavier than normal. SUCK IT holiday 'weight gain.'  :) 

Current Wish- List: Finish christmas shopping and of course can't wait for the holiday to get here. Otherwise I need to take full advantage of 'holiday activities'- This weekend kicks it off with Christmas parade and walking around Opryland at Christmastime----- gorgeous!  

Current Dislike: SUPER BUSY. I cannot wait until everything calms down at work- lately I get super excited when someone cancels their appointment last minute or doesn't answer because that means I can actually walk away from my desk (sad I know)   

Current Goal: Rudolph 5k is HARD since there are some major hills. I think its safe to say I will never set a new PR in 5k again (20:39), so time goals for 5ks aren't my priority. Last year's race was miserable and I walked a ton.  I would like to say I'd be satisfied with not walking and pace myself to have a strong race. 


  1. Nice to know that someone else sucked at cross training in November. I don't think I'll get much better in December either...

    Have you read Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series? The first book is called One for the Money. The movie is coming out in January...

    And, holy smokes, your 5k PR is FAST! You and B look great in your antlers...

  2. I need to start doing a monthly recap I think…did you read the dragon tattoo books? they rocked. i am about to start the hunger games this week. kinda late to the game. do you like chick lit? anything by emily giffin is fabulous. Jane green isn’t bad either.

  3. I don't really want to think about my mileage this month....considering November was basically a taper for the marathon, and then zero miles of running since then. Good luck on your Rudolph 5k this weekend!