Saturday, November 26, 2011

4 mile turkey trot, shopping, sunglasses

I've been a huge slacker while running over the holidays. I've been home since sunday and ran monday, wednesday, and today. Something about running in subdivisions is so mind - numbingly (yes I just made that up) boring. Each day I've had to be super creative with adding in extra loops here and there to make up for mileage.

 Ashley is hosting a 4 mile turkey trot to be completed by tomorrow HERE for a chance to win fun prizes and of course remind us not to be lazy while on vacation :)  Both my parents were running errands, so mirror pic will have to do for my race bib- should have written in backwards :)

I decided I would go longer than 4, but man do you  know how much thought goes into how to get in 6 miles without having to double back over the same roads?!?! Quite a lot.
4 mile time was 31:37, 6 mile total time was 47:11. Lately I've been getting more and more tired during my runs, so I'm HOPING that once I get back to Tennessee and have better scenery, the tiredness won't set in as quick.

Afterward I went shopping with my mom for a few hours around our outdoor mall. Every year I've gotten a pic in front of the giant Christmas tree. This year, the exciting part was that Ohio is having fluke warm weather- yay for no jacket!

Yesterday was my first black friday shopping experience. No I wasn't one of the crazies going out super early for anything in particular, we managed to get to the mall around 7:30 am and the crowds were doable. Although I didn't get anyone crossed off my list, my mom got me the Magic Bullet and a George Foreman Grill- 2 tools I've been wanting to help make it even easier to prepare healthy meals for one :)  (now just have to wait 1 month to unwrap, 'be surprised', and able to test out.

Did anyone score any great black friday deals?!?!
I'm hoping to get some people crossed off on cyber monday!

Since I really didn't ask for too much for Christmas, I've been brain storming on gifts and I realized that its time to test out some sun glasses I can wear while running. I have no preference other than I want them to stay put, light weight, and not be too large (i overheat when run so normal glasses cause my eyes to sweat.... no joke). So I thought I would put the question out there to all you:

Any recommendations or stay away froms when searching for running sun glasses?!?!?
I feel like this MAY be something I need to try on first, but any input will at least point me in the right direction. 

I hope everyone is enjoying whats left of the holiday! 


  1. cute shopping outfit!! :) damn, i know what you mean about subdivisions. since i live in one and all haha!!! i usually just do 2 or so miles in the subdivision and then got out of here as quick as i can to run the rest around franking... very mind numbing!!!

  2. *franklin... i hate when i typo stupid stuff.

  3. Ohhhhh, I've got some GREAT sunglasses for running! Check out Costa Del Mar. They're made for fishing out in the ocean, etc but they are hands down easily the best pair of sunglasses you'll ever own. No lie. I've run tons of races in them and they stick whether on my face or on the top of my hair. I love them!!

  4. I have Maui Jims for running. I suggest looking into polarized lenses - you'll never go back.

  5. (mind) numbingly is a word. Isn't it? I feel the same way about subdivision running. And the worst part is up and back on cul-de-sacs to get the mileage. Ugh!

    Great BF deals at Gap, Abercrombie and Hollister. I'm not complaining but I was hoping for better deals at Dicks Sporting Goods.

    Freakishly warm Ohio weather! Again not complaining. The past few years my daughter and I went out in cold rain or snow for Black Friday. Happy with no coats!

  6. I have yet to find a decent pair of sunglasses for running...they either bounce around the whole time or fall off! Three runs on vacation week isn't bad at all!

  7. Good job on the Turkey Trot! I did the same "race" but on the treadmill. I hear you on subdivisions, I try to avoid them as well, mostly because people don't have fences and their dogs are chasing me down :(

  8. I know zero about running classes but good job on your turkey trot and yah for good weather!!