Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Austin

So after much back and forth facebooking all over Kim Rs wall (you're oh so welcome Kim) I have picked my Texas race (Finally!!)

Who wants to join our party with: 
Yours truly 

L & B  


Super excited for so many reasons

  1. First time in Texas, I heard Austin is a cool city, so we're spending an extra day! 
  2.  FINALLY get to race with Kim... and its not even in PNW
  3.  B & I  haven't traveled together since AUGUST for our RnR Chicago
  4.  Potential 5 way matchy matchy?!?!? Oh ya! 
Anyone want to join us?!?! You know you do. 


  1. this sounds SO FUN! and like great choice :)

  2. yay! I was in Austin for business once, when my business was not being a baby mama.
    Anyway, it was cool. Enjoy it!!

  3. That should say "i know you'll enjoy it." I made it sound like I wasn't going to talk to you until after February. lol.

  4. Woo hoo! I'm all for a 5 way! I'm so glad this is working out. Beyond excited (and what a funny post!)

  5. Wow fun! Austin is a great city-- enjoy!

  6. I wanna come play!! :(
    Maybe I'll just pretend I'm there.

  7. i so want to do this one. my old roomie just moved there and wants me to also….but, $$ comes first. gotta see in january if i can afford more travel.

  8. ahhh! I wish I was going to be there cheer you on. We get back in march. Boo!
    But its a great race!!

  9. Sounds fun! I haven't been to Texas since I was a kid but it's somewhere I'd love to visit. And February sounds like maybe the best month to race in TX!

  10. i'm so jealous! i want to run this so bad but have to work that weekend... damn work.

  11. Heh. I used to live in Austin. It's a pretty awesome city. I love this post! Gonna be so fun! I've got some family in the Austin area so I'll be there more than one day too :D