Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Finally the rain has lifted! I give so much credit to all the PNWers who are consistently running in damp environments, just don't think I could do it.

Confession #1
I told myself that I would run every day once I made it to Ohio. Well.....yesterday the rain didn't lift till evening and normally I would just drive to the YMCA but my car was in the shop, so no running and was stranded in the house... what is a girl to do?!?!

I attempted to start organizing / cleaning out my room in my parent's house. How in the world did I accumulate so much stuff. A few good things came out of it in regards to what I can share with you all.

Confession #2-  Back in August I had a post HERE that mentioned how I used to be a huge Garfield nut and even had 'professional Olan Mills photos' taken.  I finally found it! I'm too lazy to figure out our scanner, so I just took a photo of the photo.

 I'm the awkward, frizzy haired, mouth full of braces gem in the bottom right corner. Single men of America: Eat. Your. Heart. Out!

Confession #3
For all those ladies who told me that you too had seen Breaking Dawn, I'm sure you saw the preview for the re-release of Titanic back in theaters. So this whole time I've secretly laughed as Fruit Fly  discusses her great love for Titanic and how her and S,  Kim's husband share this obsession. Reason why secretly I'm laughing is because I used to be ridiculously obsessed. This is back in the day when it came out and chatrooms were the new sliced bread. I would spend hours in Titanic chatrooms sharing audio files and pictures hoping to come across something unique. I even met a friend, Heather, whom I still talk to today, 14 years later :)

Here is a glimpse of what my room looked like in 8th grade

So obviously you can't see the other walls, but there were a total of 74 Leonardo DiCaprio posters and hand made collages. Yup, I was THAT girl who bought every Teen Beat and BOP magazine that had anything to do with Leo or Titanic. Also went through a TON of computer ink printing off Leo images. What is SUPER embarrassing is that somehow I cam across a naked photo of Leo on the internet. I printed it off and brought it to the 8th grade boys basketball game to show all my gfs. Naturally all the giggling drew attention and one of the guys took it, turned it into one of the faculty members and I got in trouble---- what a rebel I was ;)  ** updated- so after I posted this, my dad read it and commented on how he was never informed that I brought a naked pic to school- ooops! **

did anyone else out there have a teen heart throb crush?!?!

Confession #4- I used to be big into scrap booking. Once college ended I was "too busy with real life" to do"such frivolous things" with my time. I forgot that I actually used to be kind of crafty.  In an attempt to cut down on the massive amounts of photos I have stashed in drawers in my room + continue to work toward channeling my inner 'creative genius', I picked up with the last scrap book I stopped mid book- sophomore year of college. Proud that in the last 24 hours I've done 12 pages! My creative juices are still rusty, but I'm happy to finally finish something I started a LONG time ago. 

Only part of my Bahamas Spring Break Extravaganza 

ZTA Semi- Formal with my best friend Jackson 

Halloween, I was a 'lady pimp' 

This got me to wonder if it would be feasible for me to back track and have a scrap book for my 50 states challenge---- does anyone keep a running scrap book?!?! 
I feel now its harder because everything is digital. I literally have tens of thousands of photos from hs and college because you had to actually get the photos developed before being able to view them. Oh technology, you help us, but at the same time hinder us! 

So I guess the rain + having no mode of transportation wasn't so bad after all. I did go for a run today, and although I didn't have as bad of a wardrobe malfunction as monday's run, my capris wouldn't stay up for nothing. I was seriously debating on back tracking back home to switch out to shorts, despite the chilly temps. Luckily at my dad's request, I put on a last minute long sleeve shirt- about 1.3 miles into the run I started over-heating, had to tie the shirt around my waist, and just like that it fixed the problem. Soooooooo for all those out there who have problems with the athletic skirts, this may be a slight solution (other than just not buying them altogether)

I'm thoroughly convinced now from both Monday's and  today's run  that when you're completely comfortable in what you're running in, it shows in your performance. 
Mile 1: 8:17
Mile 2: 7:29
Mile 3: 8:02
Mile 4: 8:15
Mile 5: 7:43
Total average pace 7:57


  1. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I wonder if Titanic 3D will still be out in June so you, FF and S could go see it in Seattle. The high school/middle school you is totally cracking me up.

  2. OMG I had 2 walls in my room dedicated to Leo too. I can't seem to find any pictures, but ultimately i had all 4 walls with hot celebrity men AND the ceiling. great minds thing alike.

  3. Oh my word!! I love it!!! I love going back home and looking through my old things! I once found all the notes my best friend and I used to give to each other! We've been friends for 25 years!!

  4. Ha - I don't what is better about this post. The Garfield pic or the Leo wall? My heartthrob was Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Oh, be still my heart!

  5. I love browsing old photos and memories. I scrapbook as often as I can and yes, I have a running album that seriously needs some attention. I am planning a 12 in 2012 challenge album. 12 races. I should be able to keep up with that project right?

    Happy Thanksgiving Lisa.

  6. laughing throughout this entire thing! i used to scrapbook too-but stopped my senior yr of high school. i am supposed to be getting a 50 page scrapbook (bought at TNT silent auction) that a lady will make as long as i get her all of my running pics, bibs, etc. just have to get it all together...

  7. I love going through my old stuff and laughing at what a huge dork I was! Thanks for sharing - good job on your run!

  8. I don't know HOW I missed this. The Garfield pic is AWESOME. My mom STILL has our Garfield sheets, A uses them when she sleeps over at their house. AWESOME...