Sunday, November 6, 2011

Trunk Monkey Ragnar Tennessee - Meet my team.

As expected, I was able to share some great memories with some truly inspirational and supportive individuals this past weekend for the Tennessee Ragnar Relay.

The company I work for, Healthways, sponsors the Tennessee Ragnar, and since pretty much everyone I work with believes in promoting health and well-being, there is a high desire for a lot of people to participate.

The majority of my team ran together last year, and they just had a few spots to fill, me being one of them. Once I finally agreed to participate, I asked Jill H if she wanted to fill the last spot- the rest is history. Our team was unique for me in the sense that there was no pressure on time or competition. Several of my teammates are BRAND new runners, recovering from injuries, or are runner/walkers. Needless to say everything was just focused on having a good time.

I'm still gathering my thoughts from a fun-filled, but QUITE EXHAUSTING weekend. In the mean time I would like to introduce you to meet my team:

Van 1:
LtoR - Jeremy, Chris, Garrett, Cheryl, Chris, Jason

Van 2:
LtoR- Rick, Jill, Me, Kristi, Suzanne, Mike 

The Monkey(s)

And our colorful van: 

more to come later... 


  1. LOVE the last picture! Looks like u gjys had a blast :)

  2. It is unanimous 3 out of 3 bloggers thinks it looks like you had a blast. Just as I hit the post comment button I noticed that was what everyone else had said, no points for originality there! :)

  3. OMG, my favorite commercials are those trunk monkey commercials! They're hilarious!

    I love a ragnar race! It's running but it's being with your friends and having a good time too!!

  4. You consistently have fun teams!